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March film highlights

Friday March 1

Acoustic Routes

Billy Connolly hosts this documentary about the Scottish folk musician and founder member of Pentangle, Bert Jansch.


A hedge fund manager has an ethical quandary and he uses every means at his disposal to try and get off the hook.

Broken City

Mark Wahlberg is a cop turned private investigator hired by Russell Crowe's mayor to spy on his wife in this New York City thriller.

Caesar Must Die

A group of inmates put on a performance Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ in the veteran Italian directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani's Berlin Film Festival winner.

Gangs of Wasseypur: Part 2

Part two of an Indian gangland epic from one of India's most revered young indie directors.


A Thai drama following a student returning home from college in the US, looking for love and an acting job in the movies.

Michael H. Profession: Director

Mutlu Aile Defteri

A retired colonel tumbles off the roof of his house and is temporarily incapacitated. His offspring return home to see him.

Safe Haven

Julianne Hough plays a mysterious young woman who arrives in a small American town.

Sleep Tight

A seemingly ordinary janitor in a classy Barcelona tower block harbours dark secrets.


‘Oldboy’ and ‘Lady Vengeance’ director Park Chan-Wook, makes his English language debut with a gothic fairytal.

The Attacks of 26/11

The horrific wave of terrorist attacks on key Mumbai landmarks on November 26 2008 get the Bollywood treatment.

The Bay

A TV reporter investigates a government cover-up of a deadly biological outbreak in this 'eco-horror'.

The Gospel According to Matthew

Pier Paolo Pasolini creates an unadorned, deeply moving, at times even persuasive retelling of the scripture.


Jeremy Irons leads us through the messy issue of global waste in this environmental documentary.

Tuesday March 5

Verity's Summer

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Friday March 8


This British documentary essay describes itself as 'a kind of poetic treatise on the idea of a city', exploring the myths and realities of cities.


A gifted young girl encounters a disturbing display of adult violence near her home.

Fire with Fire

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Gelmeyen Bahar

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


Another attempt to turn the adventures of Westlake's infamous anti-hero into a franchise.

The Princess Bride (RI)

Partly a traditional fantasy, but also a knowing commentary on the conventions of all such tales.

Robot & Frank

Frank takes advantage of his robot’s moral absence to carry out a series of daring cat burglaries.

Oz: The Great and Powerful

A 'Wizard of Oz' prequel told from the point of view of the Wizard.

Side Effects

  • Critics choice

Rooney Mara stars as a woman addicted to prescription meds in Steven Soderbergh's new drama.

The Guilt Trip

An inventor asks his mother to go on a sales trip with him – not telling her the real reason for the journey.

Friday March 15

Beyond the Hills

Two old friends in their mid-twenties reunite over a weekend in celebrated Romanian director Cristian Mungiu's new drama.


Elijah Wood bids a fond farewell to Frodo with this horror slasher, playing a serial killer.

Red Dawn

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


A young woman lives a lonely life with her father in a pterol station in the Scottish Highlands.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Steve Carell is magician Burt Wondersone, whose career hits the skids after he splits from his longtime performing partner.

The Paperboy

A story of murder, sex and race in late 1960s Florida with a big-name cast.

The Spirit of '45

This doc from Ken Loach chronicles the founding of the welfare state in post-war Britain in 1945.


Phil Daniels and Keith Allen star in this based-on-real-life story of an ageing rock band pretending to be younger.

Welcome to the Punch

A criminal comes out of hiding in order to help out his son.

Wednesday March 20


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Friday March 22


A stark, devastating portrait of human susceptibility in the face of an unseen authority.

Identity Thief

A criminal steals the identity of timid family man Bateman, and in doing so drags him into her chaotic life.

Jack the Giant Slayer

A very loose reimagining of the old English folk tale about a scrappy youngster who bumps off big blokes.

Neighbouring Sounds

A series of burglaries lead to the employment of a gang of no-bullshit community patrolmen in Recife.

Post Tenebras Lux

Mexican director Carlos Reygadas returns with a puzzling, blurry tale of a comfortably-off couple and their young kids.


A Naples fishmonger is persuaded to seek fame and fortune by auditioning for a series of 'Big Brother'.


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

The Croods 3D

Dreamworks's latest comedy animation features Nic Cage voicing a caveman forced out of his home by an earthquake.

The Servant (RI)

A crafty manservant achieves a sinister, game-playing role-reversal in the home of his wealthy, decadent, upper class master.


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Monday March 25

12 in a Box

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Wednesday March 27

GI Joe: Retaliation

Nato’s futuristic hi-tech special forces unit returns for another bout of gung-ho insurgent activity.


A young man who works in an auction house gets caught up in an art heist.

Friday March 29

Finding Nemo 3D

Pixar's 2003 fishy smash gets the 3D treatment.

Good Vibrations

A genial biopic of the ‘Godfather of Belfast Punk’, Terri Hooley, who revolutionised Irish music in the late 1970s.

In the House

An old-fashioned teacher at a trendy secondary school discovers a renewed purpose in a student.

King of the Travellers

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

One Mile Away

Rival gang members in Birmingham try to stop a senseless postcode conflict.

Point Blank (RI)

A hard-nosed adaptation of Richard Stark's The Hunter.

The Host

Saoirse Ronan stars as a teenager whose body is taken over by an alien soul from another planet.

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