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May film highlights

Wednesday May 1

Shootout at Wadala

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Friday May 3

21 and Over

Jeff Chang decides to go out and celebrate his twenty-first birthday on the night before a massive exam. You can guess when happens next.

All Stars

A pair of kids start a dance contest to save their local youth centre.


A three-year-old chimp becomes separated from his pack and is forced to survive alone in the jungle with only a massive film crew for company.

Dead Man Down

Finding a dead body in a freezer has crime boss Terrence Howard feeling even more uptight than usual. Somebody, somewhere, is stalking him, and loyal cohort Colin Farrell is among the team assigned to track down the miscreant.


A local craftsman stops a robbery with what look like expert kung fu skills. Was it a fluke or is this guy a member of a vicious clan?

Gimme the Loot

  • Critics choice

A smart teenage Bronx duo struggle to raise funds needed to pull off an assault on the NYC graffiti scene.

I'm So Excited

Set entirely on a long-haul flight, it stars a bevy of internationally famous Spanish stars.

It's Such A Beautiful Day

A bold attempt to get inside the mind of someone who’s losing theirs, with a grip on the idea and reality of death that’s deeply unsettling.


Dismayed at the prospect of having his highly intelligent creation used for illicit purposes, a nerdy inventor hightails it with the robot.

The Eye of the Storm

Returning home with her estranged brother, a matriarch's daughter intention is not only to secure her inheritance, but to lay to rest a queasy history of competition with her mother.

Thursday May 9

Star Trek Into Darkness

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is a brisk, no-nonsense sci-fi action sequel built around a conflict between the crew of the Starship Enterprise with a slick, slippery new villain.

Friday May 10

A Hijacking

A Danish cargo ship is hijacked on the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates for ransom.

Bajate Raho

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


A brother-sister criminal team are on the run following a casino robbery when they find themselves stranded in a small town during a blizzard.

Go Goa Gone

Three buddies head from Mumbai to Goa for fun and adventure in this Bollywood zombie comedy starring Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari.

Journey to Italy (RI)

A magnificently passionate story of cruelty and cynicism swirling into a renewal of love: life is so short, we must make the most of it.


An affecting tale of innocence lost and grace gained over one woozy Arkansas summer.

Our Children

A heartbreaking melodrama following the love, marriage and collapse of a young couple.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

A young Pakistani trader on Wall St begins to question his life choices in this American film from Indian-born director Mira Nair.

Vehicle 19

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Village at the End of the World

A look at life in an extremely remote town in Greenland.

Thursday May 16


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Friday May 17

Beware of Mr Baker

Cream drummer Ginger Baker was the archetypal hippy-era hellraiser. Almost half a century on, he’s still pissing people off.

Fast & Furious 6

Director Justin Lin and pretty much the entire cast return for this follow-up, picking up the story right after the events in the previous instalment.


Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

The Liability

During 24 hours that he will never forget, Adam meets hit man Roy, who is glad to pass on the benefits of his knowledge to an enthusiastic and gifted protege.


Mia Wasikowska is India Stoker, the flighty, cosseted daughter of a wealthy Southern family, whose father has died in a car wreck leaving her mum, Evie, in charge of the estate.

Thursday May 23

The Hangover Part III

Expect another orgy of booze, fisticuffs, slapstick, celebrity cameos, mild sexism and run-ins with unexpected wild animals.

Friday May 24

Benjamin Britten: Peace And Conflict

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Easy Money

The tale of an all-American slobbo who spends his days photographing overweight babies and nights whooping it up with his 'regular guy' buddies.


A teenage girl is exploring the Amazon with her scientist father and finds herself caught up in an age-long battle between tiny forest fairies and their evil arch enemies.

Everybody Has a Plan

Viggo Mortensen plays identical twins in this Argentinian thriller.

Something in the Air

A swooning and swirling but always level-headed study of the lives of a small group of suburban Parisian teenagers in the years soon after 1968.

The King of Marvin Gardens (RI)

Two brothers embark on a sort of game in which they exchange their lives, their loves and their dreams.

Wednesday May 29

The Big Wedding

A divorced couple pretend to be happily married for the wedding of their adopted son and his fiancée.

Friday May 31

A Haunted House

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


Gemma Arterton plays Clara, ostensibly a single mum working as a prostitute in a rundown seaside town but actually a vampire reborn in the early nineteenth century after getting tuberculosis.

Man to Man

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

No One Lives

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.


A young woman from a rural family heads for a new town, hooks up with a dashing insurance man and discovers a newfound talent for speed typing.

The Comedian

A struggling stand-up finds himself in a complex love triangle.

The Purge

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Yen Jawaani Hai Deewani

Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

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