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Every film that's coming out between now and autumn 2013

We've scoured the film release schedules to bring you a month-by-month calendar of every new movie until the end of next year. Release dates? Actors? Directors? What to expect? Find out exactly what's coming to a cinema near you right here.

November film highlights

Friday November 2

  • Call Me Kuchu

    David Kato is regarded as the father of gay liberation in Uganda, one of the globe's most oppressive regimes when it comes to LGBT issues. 'Call Me Kuchu' looks at Kato's life, and at the continuing human rights abuses in Uganda.

  • Excision

    A film that stars AnnaLynne McCord as a student with dreams of becoming a doctor, who fantasises carrying out gruesome medical procedures on her fellow classmates.

  • For a Good Time, Call...

    ‘For a Good Time, Call…’ stars Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller (who also co-scripted) as young New Yorkers who turn to phone sex to fund their uptown lifestyle.

  • Keep the Lights On

    A Danish filmmaker living in Manhattan has a complicated affair with another man in this drama based on writer-director Ira Sachs’s experiences with literary agent Bill Clegg.

  • Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Rust & Bone

    It’s an end-of-the-line story of a man and woman. She’s a strong spirit dampened by a terrible accident; he’s a homeless single father who scrapes a living from street-fighting.

  • Tempest

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • The Master

    When reports began to trickle in that Paul Thomas Anderson’s follow-up to ‘There Will Be Blood’ would focus on a portly WW2 veteran in the 1950s who decides to start his own religion, eyebrows were raised.

  • The Shining (RI)

    If you go to this adaptation of Stephen King's novel expecting to see a horror movie, you'll be disappointed. From the start, Kubrick undercuts potential tension builders by a process of anti-climax.

Tuesday November 6

  • East End Babylon

    At the arse-end of the ’70s, west London spat out punk; from the East End came oi!, a working-class aftershock, driven by boot-to-the bollocks anger.

Wednesday November 7

  • Argo

    The setting is the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, during which the US and Canadian governments concocted a bold plan to free the six US diplomats being held hostage at their embassy in Iran.

  • The Sapphires

    An Australian take on the classic music-breaks-down-social-barriers story, as a four-piece Aboriginal girl group are chosen to entertain US troops in Vietnam.

Thursday November 8

  • East End Babylon

    At the arse-end of the ’70s, west London spat out punk. The chief agitators of this overlooked and misunderstood movement were teenage brothers Jeff and Micky Geggus’s Cockney Rejects, the subject of this evocative, energetic and honest debut from Richard England.

Friday November 9

  • Alps

    A film about a clandestine group who call themselves Alps, and their mission is to act as stand-ins for those who have lost loved ones.

  • Aurora

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Grassroots

    In 2001, shiftless Seattle music journalist Grant Cogswell decided to run for office against incumbent city councilman Richard McIver, the only black candidate in the district.

  • Here Comes The Boom

    Kevin James stars as Scott Voss, a music-loving biology teacher who takes a part-time job as a martial arts tutor in an effort to raise money for the school band. Well, there have been worse ideas for movies.

  • Love Bite

    In the rundown seaside town of Rainmouth, a bored young man (Ed Speleers) meets a glamorous American traveller (Jessica Szohr), who may or may have a howl-at-the-moon problem. Pretty soon, the townsfolk start to go missing under mysterious circumstances.

  • Mother's Milk

    An English family struggles to maintain ownership of their holiday home in Provence when their dotty old matriarch threatens to bequeath it to an Irish conman.

  • My Brother the Devil

    A young Egyptian adolescent living in Hackney looks up to his drug-dealing older brother.

  • People Like Us

    Chris Pine plays a businessman facing legal problems who learns that his estranged father has died of cancer. But upon executing his father’s final wishes, he discovers a sister he never knew he had – a sister with an 11-year-old son and a serious alcohol problem.

  • Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

    This documentary covers Harryhausen’s life and work, from seeing ‘King Kong’ as a young man, through his years in the Hollywood dream factory, to his long and happy retirement as a hugely respected elder statesman and pioneer.

  • Shady Lady

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • The Joy of Six

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

Tuesday November 13

  • Coldplay Live 2012

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Son of Sardar

    Bollywood romance ‘Son of Sardaar’ (known as ‘SOS’ for short) is a Hindi reimagining of ‘Maryada Ramhana’, a popular 2010 film shot in the Telugu language.

Friday November 16

  • Amour

    Michael Haneke's 'Amour' is devastatingly original and unflinching in the way it examines the effect of love on death, and vice versa. It's a staggering, intensely moving look at old age and life's end.

  • Happy Happy

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Hit So Hard

    This doc tells Patty Schemel’s story (drummer of grunge band Hole), pulling together intimate footage she shot during Hole’s 1994-95 world tour.

  • Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Mental

    Toni Collette reteams with ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ director PJ Hogan for this tale of a lively nanny who reinvigorates a family when she agrees to look after their five daughters after their mother checks herself into a mental health clinic.

  • The Pool

    Industrious youths Venkatesh and Jhangir seem to be constantly cleaning floors. They make a funny couple, the tall, sullen Venkatesh and his tiny, forthright buddy. After toiling daily, they sit in a high tree and observe a serene backyard dominated by a still pool. It is a place of wealth and exclusion, and already, there’s something not quite right about it.

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two

    Following the birth of their first child, vampire husband-and-wife team Bella and Edward must battle against a league of vampire clans, all claiming that the baby is an immortal monster that doesn't deserve to live.

  • Up There

    A low budget British feelgood comedy about the afterlife, ‘Up There’ sees deceased office worker Martin, sick of slaving away in the afterlife’s tedious arrivals lounge, dispatched back to earth in pursuit of a lost soul.

Wednesday November 21

  • Gambit

    Joel and Ethan Coen script this remake of the Michael Caine/Shirley MacClaine comedy. Colin Firth takes the role of art curator Harry Deane, who teams up with PJ Puznowski in a plot to sell a fake work of art.

  • The Silver Linings Playbook

    The story follows Pat, a troubled young man recently released from a mental institution, who falls for the equally unsettled Tiffany. Beautiful people with big problems - that's Hollywood for ya!

Friday November 23

  • Cinema Komunisto

    A look at the film industry in the former Yugoslavia under the control of postwar leader Tito. The Marshal was a great lover of film, and this documentary interviews actors, directors, secret policemen, projectionists and more about the state of film under that strict regime.

  • End of Watch

    Jake Gylenhaal and co-star Michael Pena play hardworking law enforcement officers who have a price slapped on their heads when they confiscate money and drugs from a local gang member.

  • First

    The official documentary covering all aspects of this summer’s London Olympic Games, from that epic torch relay and Danny Boyle’s knock-out opening ceremony to the close of the Paralympics.

  • Lawrence of Arabia (RI) (Director's Cut)

    Lean's 1962 epic dwarfed most of the contemporary competition, including Spartacus and El Cid, and the passage of time has only proved how difficult it is to run ideas, history, characterisation and landscape in harness on this sort of scale.

  • Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!

    Just in case ‘Nativity!’ passed you by, it was a mild-mannered semi-improvised British family comedy about a school putting on a nativity play. This less-than-predictable sequel brings back stars Marc Wootton and Pam Ferris for more festive fun.

  • Ninja Scroll

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.

  • Starbuck

    Patrick Huard plays David, an unattached layabout who makes extra cash giving of himself to numerous local sperm banks. But when he finds out that 142 results of his genetic charity are looking to track him down, David begins to panic.

  • The House I Live In

    Director Eugene Jarecki argues that in 40 years, the ‘War on Drugs’ has accounted for 45 million arrests, sent the prison population through the roof and destroyed communties both at home and abroad.

Thursday November 29

Friday November 30

  • Alex Cross

    'Alex Cross' is a thriller about a cop (Tyler Perry) tracking down the man who killed an as-yet-unspecified family member.

  • Great Expectations

    The producers' intention seems to be to play to the 'Harry Potter' crowd: Mike Newell, who made 'Goblet of Fire', takes the helm, while the cast features Potter stalwarts like Ralph Fiennes, Robbie Coltrane and Helena Bonham Carter.

  • Laurence Anyways

    A film about a man, Laurence, who decides to have a sex change, and how that affects his relationship with his girlfriend.

  • Rise of the Guardians

    This computer animated adventure is based on William Joyce’s upcoming ‘The Guardians of Childhood’ books, about a group of fairytale heroes who band together to stop Pitch the Boogeyman from sending the world into darkness forever.

  • Sightseers

    Tina and Chris leave cosy Midland suburbia on a caravan tour around some of Northern England’s least prepossessing tourist hotspots, but Chris’s fusty, ginger-bearded exterior hides the heart and soul of a ruthless killer.

  • Talaash

    ‘Talaash’ tells the story of three disparate characters – a policeman, a housewife and a troubled prostitute – who become unexpectedly linked by a mysterious event.

  • The Hunt

    The film centres on Lucas, well liked in the small Danish town he lives in until his best buddy’s young daughter is overheard mumbling a thoughtless fib about him, at which point his life suddenly begins to fall apart.

  • Trouble with the Curve

    Clint Eastwood plays Gus, an ageing baseball scout who takes his daughter on one last outing before the sun sets on his remarkable career. Along the way they run into Johnny, a former colleague who has romantic designs on Gus’s daughter.

  • Yossi

    Time Out has not reviewed this film yet.