When teen stars turn serious

Ten young actors come of age on the silver screen

‘Why don’t you take me seriously?!’ Every teenager has said these words one time or another. But the demand takes on a whole new significance when it comes from the mouth of a movie star.

When you’re young, making movies is all fun and games, like a massive, extremely well-paid game of dressing-up. But as you get older, other considerations begin to take over. Am I cool? Am I real? How long will this fickle fame last? And have you got Steven Soderbergh’s mobile number?

Both Kristen Stewart (‘On the Road’) and Emma Watson (‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’) are currently making bids for posterity with ‘respectable’ roles in serious dramas. So Tom Huddleston decided to take a look at ten other youthful icons who once took a shot at artistic integrity – and to find out how it all went…