Dusty O's gay panto guide

Dusty O as Sofonda Cox Dusty O as Sofonda Cox - Hazel Gardner
Posted: Wed Nov 21 2012

Drag diva and star of 'Dick!'gives us her tips for gay adult panto

Panto has always been a bit queer. Men in dresses. Principle boys played by girls. No end of sexual innuendo. This year, London boasts a number of overtly gay, adult-oriented pantos - and none bigger than 'Dick!', which stars drag DJ and club hostess Dusty O in her West End stage debut. Here she advises us on how to put on an audience-pleasing adult gay panto.

Make them laugh!
'Good jokes are essential. But avoid old-fashioned, mean-spirited material. Jokes should be grown-up but inclusive. Naughty but nice is the way forward. Our jokes are hot and spicy, but won't hurt anyone's feelings.'

Razzle dazzle 'em!
'Give them some glitter. The costume department for “Dick!” have helped me develop some of my trademark looks. Think high-couture Westwood meets showtime sparkle. Even if you don't enjoy my gags, you'll adore my rags!'

Sex it up
'No gay adult panto would be complete without a bit of sexual innuendo. In the past I've been fired from my own club nights for being too blue. I'm glad to say that with “Dick!” I've been given free rein. You have been warned!'

Songs sung blue
'We have some fabulous musical numbers for your delectation, but don't come expecting “Mistletoe and Wine”. Our songs are fast, fun, blue and will put a smile on your face and quite possibly a lump in your trousers!'

Season with salt
'Sachets of salt should be handed out during the interval. I've always encouraged everyone to take me with a pinch of the salty stuff. There's a lot of audience interaction in “Dick!” and I'm coming out there to get you! If you're particularly handsome I may even sit on your lap. We'll provide the salt. Indulge in it liberally and don't believe a single word I say.'


OH YES THEY ARE! Five more gay and lesbian pantos

'The Comatose Beauty'
Myra DuBois, Holestar, Sharia Law and more put a spin on 'Sleeping Beauty' for this year's RVT panto.
RVT. Dec 5-Dec 28.

'Get Aladdin'
Adult panto with a gay twist, by Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper.
Above The Stag. Dec 7-Jan 6

'Peta Pam'
The Darlings lesbian community theatre troupe pay homage to Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook et al.
Karamel Factory. Dec 6-Dec 15.

'Sinderella - What A Slut!'
With drag performers Titti La Camp, Rose Garden, Morag McDuff and Mitzi Macintosh.
The Two Brewers. Dec 11-Jan 10 2013.

'Snow White & The Seven Poofs - The Climax'
This ribald drag panto is back for another Christmas.
Green Carnation. Dec 4-Jan 6 2013.

‘Dick!' is at the Leicester Square Theatre from Thur Nov 29 to Sun Jan 20.