Marcus Reeves - star man

Marcus Reeves Marcus Reeves
Posted: Wed Oct 31 2012

With the launch of his stunning debut single, glittering musical talent Marcus Reeves is about to make his mark

There can be few people who have been compared to both Tim Rice and David Bowie, but 33-year-old singer-songwriter Marcus Reeves is very much his own special creation. With his silver glitter face and crooning theatrical performances, he's been winning fans at venues as diverse as the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and the Royal Festival Hall.

The Tim Rice comparison came from none other than Elaine Paige. 'She came to see a musical I'd written,' Reeves explains. 'She was very supportive, even calling me “a new Tim Rice” on her radio show in conversation with Sir Tim Rice himself!' More recently, a radio DJ introduced Reeves's stunning debut single 'Black Tears' by describing him as 'a modern day David Bowie'. It's a comparison Reeves is more than happy to live with.

'It's certainly a step up from being compared to Gary Numan, which is how one gay magazine described me!' he laughs. 'I first heard Bowie's “Diamond Dogs” album as a teenager and was utterly baffled by it. But I've come to love it and most of his albums since. There's a song on my forthcoming album called “Smoke and Mirrors” which is a very tongue-in-cheek tribute to him.'

Like Bowie, Reeves places as much emphasis on his image as the music. His current glam-chic alter ego Quicksilver has become central to his live performances. 'I've found that people project a lot on to it,' he says. 'Like any mask, it's a two-way mirror. I don't feel trapped by it yet. There have only been one or two “Black Swan” moments in the last two years! But I am conscious of the fact that people expect to see me in that guise.'

So what happens if, like Bowie, he finds himself trapped by his alter ego? He laughs. 'Maybe I'll have to kill him off onstage, like he did with Ziggy Stardust. Watch this space!'

‘Black Tears' is available from iTunes. To help fund the completion of Reeves' solo album go to