The 27th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The LLGFF returns for 2013 with its largest programme ever

Now in its twenty-seventh year, the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is back at the BFI Southbank, showcasing the best in queer cinema. While some films will appeal to a broad audience, festival crowds tend to divide along gender lines.

  1. Best films for the boys
  2. Best films for the girls

Best films for the boys

James Franco’s sex film - ‘Interior. Leather Bar’

Not content with playing gay in ‘Milk’, James Franco heads up this docu-drama about the making of an explicit gay sex film inspired by William Friedkin’s leather man killer thriller, ‘Cruising’. Friedkin’s film starred Al Pacino as an undercover cop investigating a series of grisly gay murders in Greenwich Village. Franco’s film ‘reimagines’ the 40 minutes of footage cut from ‘Cruising’ and puts heterosexual actor Val Lauren way out of his comfort zone in scenes where he watches men engaged in sadomasochistic sex. His eye-popping reactions confirm that the sex scenes are real. But best of all is the bit where Franco explains his reasons for making the film. He says he finds the sex uncomfortable to watch but also ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’. And this is an actor starring in a film from Disney! Read more about ‘Interior. Leather Bar’

A Divine creation - ‘I Am Divine’

Harris Glenn Milstead was a fat, bullied child who grew up to become a larger-than-life drag queen called Divine. Best known for his starring roles in the early films of John Waters, he also enjoyed a second career as a gay disco singer with Hi-NRG hits like ‘Native Love’ and ‘You Think You’re a Man’. Director Jeffrey Schwarz uses archive and interviews with Waters and Divine’s mother to tell the story of an unsung gay hero whose outrageous public persona masked a shy and sensitive man. Read more about ‘I Am Divine’

Forbidden love - ‘Out in the Dark’

Nicholas Jacob and Michael Aloni star as lovers Nimr and Roy, two men on either side of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Tensions grow as family obligations and political affiliations take their toll. Nimr dreams of escaping Palestine and his brother’s violent homophobia. Roy promises to help. Director Michael Mayer weaves the personal with the political. But at heart it’s a love story, driven by two powerful lead performances. Read more about ‘Out in the Dark’

A London gay legend - ‘Bette Bourne: It Goes with the Shoes’

From his early years as a West End actor to his involvement in the Gay Liberation Front of the 1970s, Bourne has always been out and proud. From a gay drag commune in Notting Hill, he formed the legendary theatre troupe Bloolips. He has since worked with Neil Bartlett, Tim Fountain, Mark Ravenhill and the RSC. Bourne is an inspiration to many. This doc shows us why. Read more about ‘Bette Bourne: It Goes with the Shoes’

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  1. Best films for the boys
  2. Best films for the girls

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