100 songs that changed history

Time Out explores the music that changed the course of world events

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    ‘Looking for Freedom’ – David Hasselhoff (1989)

    ‘Looking for Freedom’ (actually a cover of 1970s hit ‘Auf Der Strasse Nach Süden’) was at the top of the charts when West Berliners started chipping away at the wall.

    Hasselhoff was invited to perform to an audience in the hundreds of thousands from atop the partially-demolished Cold War icon on New Year’s Eve 1989, officially the most optimistic night in history. The mood must have had a permanent effect on The Hoff’s brain, as to this day he’s convinced he is largely responsible for the eastward spread of democracy. The only reason this song isn’t at number one on this list is a sneaking suspicion on our part that Hasselhoff may be mistaken.