Dave Rowntree's favourite tracks

The Blur drummer selects five of his favourite songs

Dave Rowntree Dave Rowntree

Dave Rowntree is a lawyer, animator, pilot, technology enthusiast, and former political candidate for Labour. Oh, and he also plays drums for Blur. Ahead of his band's performance at the Olympic Closing Ceremony Concert in August, here are five of his favourite tracks selected exclusively for Time Out.

  • Scott Walker – Montague Terrace (in Blue)

    'A masterclass in epic songwriting and production; it was a huge influence on us, and you can hear echoes of it in many of our records. With his absurdly rich baritone and effortless cool he could probably have sung the phone book and got away with it. Luckily he chose not to.'

  • Pixies – Tame

    'Damon had two tickets to see the band at a tiny venue in the early '90s. We decided we'd all go, and buy another two from the touts outside the show. Unfortunately, then as now, the touts were charging extortionate amounts, and we could only afford one more ticket. I nobly sacrificed myself, and let the others go in, while I sloped off home. What a mug.'

  • Matthew Sweet – Divine Intervention

    'I fell in love with this track, especially the drums, when I first heard it in 1991. So of course, I ripped it off. Years later I met the drummer, Ric Menck, and apologised. He told me not to worry - as far as he was concerned he'd just been ripping off Ringo. Ringo invented pop drumming, and we've all been ripping him off ever since.'

  • The Wedding Present – Kennedy

    'You could release this track today, and it would still sound completely fresh. Either that means that The Wedding Present were wildly ahead of their time, or that indie music hasn't moved on much in the last decade. Sometimes I think one, sometimes the other.'

  • Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism

    'Thurston Moore was a huge influence on Graham, Steve Shelley was a huge influence on me, and we were all in love with Kim Gordon. This is my favourite of their songs, but it's also one of the most commercial, so they'd probably loathe me for it.'