Eight things you didn't know about Tegan and Sara

Danielle Goldstein talks karate and Kraftwerk with the Canadian indie twins

  • 1

    They used to be called Sara & Tegan…

    Tegan: ‘It’s as silly as our manager at the time saying “When you say Tegan and Sara, you have to say all three words. When you say Sara and Tegan, it blends together”. Our friends and family all refer to us as The Girls or Sara and Tegan, so this was what separated us.’

  • 2

    …But they had other names in mind.

    Sara: ‘When we started playing music in high school we were really into punk, so we called ourselves Plunk because it was light punk. There was a stage when I wished we’d called ourselves Tegan Vs Sara because there was a time when everyone was obsessed with us being really competitive. I still wish we had a different name, but it’s too late now.’

  • 3

    They’ll be channelling Kraftwerk at The O2.

    S: ‘Thankfully The Killers’ stage is comprehensive, so we’re tucking in between their stuff.’
    T: ‘But we’re spread out.’
    S: ‘We’re calling it "the Kraftwerk look". There are six of us and we’re all right next to each other.’

  • 4

    When she feels low, Tegan hangs upside down.

    T: ‘My yoga teacher always says that if you don’t have time to do yoga but you’re feeling down, you should hang off the back of a couch for 10 minutes. It’s a natural blood transfusion. When you stand up, everything’s moved. It’s really good.’

  • 5

    Scandinavia holds a fond place in Sara’s heart.

    S: ‘I don’t know what it is about those cities, every time I go back I feel like I’m in a film – strolling the streets and checking out the shops. I can get very romantic about it.’

  • 6

    You can tell them apart because Tegan has a lip piercing, but she’s also an inch taller than Sara.

    T: ‘I also have slightly more of a square jaw. We giggle about this stuff all the time, because I touch Sara’s arm and it’s like “ew, that’s what it’s like to touch my arm” because our arms are the same.’

  • 7

    They’ve been brown belts in karate since their teens.

    T: ‘It wasn’t a ‘Karate Kid’ situation. Even though we were little and alternative, we were still really popular. We were freaky looking with crazy long hair, baggy pants and chains, but we carried ourselves well. We always dated the most popular guys – probably because we were very non-threatening as we were actually gay.’

  • 8

    Hearing their songs in public is still strange for them.

    S: ‘Oh my God, everywhere we hear it is weird. I’ve been in Victoria’s Secret shopping for bras before and heard us. That’s weird.’