Five things you didn't know about Angel Haze

The incendiary US rapper tells us about Kanye, stalkers and what she can do with her tongue

In an act of defiance late last year, tough and talented American MC Angel Haze leaked her own (excellent) debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ online. It wasn’t exactly a profitable move, but it did make her a swarm of new fans, as a big headline show in London this week proves. Danielle Goldstein met the rapper to see what else she’d leak to us...
1. She’s been touched by Yeezus.
‘I know it’s maybe a bit clichéd, but I love Kanye. I was at this launch party and we ended up talking. 
It was amazing. Meeting your idol is scary but he made it one of the best experiences of my life.’

2. Sometimes she attracts Tweet-creeps.
‘This guy had been stalking me for I don’t know how long and he came to a show and stood outside my tour bus tweeting me: ‘Hi, I’m standing outside your bus in a hood with a beer’, ‘Come and say hi, no pressure’, ‘I’m not crazy, I promise’. Then he stood in the middle of the road waving. It was raining and no one was there, just like a scary movie. I freaked the fuck out.’

3. Her gymnastic tongue comes in handy for more than just rhyming.
‘I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. I saw it in a movie and started trying it over and over. It’s either a good party trick, or a nasty one.’

4. Her ‘difficult second album’ might be even more difficult than most.
‘Every album should sound dramatically different, but I can’t escape the darkness or the ominous tones. I’ve started working on the second album already and I just went through a really terrible break-up that’s made me sad to the point where I’m only writing songs about love. So lyrically my next record will either be draining or it’ll be great!’

5. If Angel were an animal…
‘...I’d be a wolf because they’re majestic and cute, but they can also kill you. Much like myself… kidding!’

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