Flying Lotus – 'Until The Quiet Comes' album review

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  • Flying Lotus – 'Until The Quiet Comes'

    Rating: 3/5

    By Jonny Ensall

    The LA-based producer has made a digital jazz record which pushes hip hop beats and R&B melodies into bold, new syncopated and atonal territory. One thing's for certain, it must have been a lot of work. The late nights he surely spent ordering, layering and, ultimately, mangling loops and samples to create these 18 sketches have amounted to a hugely accomplished fourth album, one which is subtler than his previous work. Unfortunately, it's also duller. By the time Thom Yorke's guest spot arrives at track 14 the best of FlyLo's subtle genius has already sluiced through your memory. Sometimes more is more, and there's not enough here to fully grasp a point.