Keeping it real: Donny Osmond

How much does the man behind 'Puppy Love' know about life off stage?

Donny currently lives in Utah and works in Las Vegas, and commutes on a private jet. Can he convince us he’s down to earth? It’s not looking good…

  • Who were the judges for the last UK season of ‘X Factor’?

    ‘Well, there’s Gary, Scherzinger, Louis and… I don’t know the fourth. Gary’s like a brother to me.’

  • Have you ever hung out with royalty? Apart from Barlow, obviously.

    ‘Her Majesty. After the Royal Variety Performance. Then we went bowling.’

  • Of course you did. When was the last time you cooked a meal at home?

    ‘That would be 1972. I’m not allowed in the kitchen. I burn food, I actually burn water.’

  • If I wanted to buy your latest album on Amazon US right now, how much would it cost me?


  • Almost, it’s $12. Have you ever bought anything from a shopping channel?

    ‘I bought something off QVC. A necklace for my wife. I saw it and thought she would look beautiful in it. It was an impulsive buy.’

  • That’s sweet. Where do you buy your socks?

    ‘You know, I don’t know. My wife buys them. They magically appear in my drawer. I’ve got sock angels!’

  • A lot of men have those, I’ve heard. What’s the best thing you’ve ever been given for free?

    ‘My iPhone. I eat, sleep and breathe my iPhone.’

  • And who’s the most famous person on it?

    ‘Tom Hanks.’

  • The verdict:

    Donny might have lost the common touch, but anyone hangs with Hanks is alright in our book.

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