Keeping it real: Fred Macpherson

We find out how down-to-earth the Spector frontman really is

Fred Macpherson (center) with Spector Fred Macpherson (center) with Spector -

Frontman Fred is the son of top-ranking civil servant Sir Nicholas Macpherson. But is this suited-and-booted Dalstonite more pleb than celeb? Danielle Goldstein finds out.

  • What’s the best thing you’ve been given for free?

    ‘A scarf made of three dead foxes. That might upset the Peta members who are reading.’

  • You could escape them by bus – how much is a single journey?

    ‘On Oyster it’s £1.30. Is that close?’

  • It’s £1.35.

    ‘Oh, I didn’t know it’d gone up. Honestly, I’d like to go around on a log flume. Or maybe a gondola like Casanova. Log by day, gondola by night, preferably wearing a cloak and dead animals.’

  • Where does the catchphrase ‘No likey, no lighty’ come from?

    ‘“Take Me Out”, and I know this because I was in Nottingham on Saturday and in the lift of the Jury’s Inn hotel I met four girls who’d all been on “Take Me Out”. I told them I’d been on and that everyone turned their light off and they believed me.’

  • Full fat milk has what colour top?

    ‘It used to be gold on glass bottles and now on plastic it’s blue. Milk’s my favourite liquid. I prefer it to water. I’d like to have gills that breathe milk. Only because I was breastfed until I was 14.’

  • How much is a first class stamp?

    ‘I’m going to guess 60p.’

  • That’s correct!

    ‘Is it? Amazing. I spend a lot of time in the post office receiving suspect packages, so I’ve probably seen a commemorative Coldplay stamp out of the corner of my eye.’

  • Where is your nearest Lidl?

    ‘Well Street [in Hackney]. I like to buy the knocked-down spirits like Rachmaninoff vodka.’

  • What’s your spending limit on a meal out?

    ‘There is no limit, like 2 Unlimited. I’m into restaurants, but more for the culture. Imagine Sinatra eating crostini and getting wasted and getting in a fight with a couple of locals. If I could, I’d live in a hotel casino and just eat there.’