Keeping it real: Scissor Sisters

Kim Taylor Bennett quizzes Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters about life in the real world

Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters

New York’s premier party-starting pop provocateurs have jet-setted all over the globe to perform to millions. Claiming to be a down-to-earth man, we find out just how highfalutin the filthy gorgeous Scissor Sisters frontman is.

  • How much is a single ticket on the New York subway?

    ‘It’s $2.50, although I buy bulk cards. I’m terrified of the tube in London. Every once in a while I’ll ride it but I don’t like going that far underground.’

  • Has Bono ever given you his advice session on becoming a rock star, known as ‘The Talk’?

    ‘He did! He came to see us play New York’s Museum of Modern Art. There was this art installation, a completely white room with no ceiling so you saw blue sky above you, and my mom, boyfriend and some friends were there. Bono gave me the speech about not losing your way, keeping focused and staying grounded. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life!’

  • How much is a stamp in the US?

    ‘A dollar.’

  • It’s 45 cents.

    ‘It should be a dollar! It’s an incredible service that we’ve taken for granted for a long time. I say we raise it. The postal service should stick it to us!’

  • Do you have a bodyguard?

    ‘I travel with my trainer, and he’d fuck anyone up if they laid a finger on me. There was a weird moment when we were playing The O2 and I had three bodyguards sleeping on either side of my hotel room. I was like, “Wow, I guess I’m really famous!” Afterwards I found out someone had been sending letters saying that they were going to shoot me.’

  • Do you know who the British prime minister is?

    ‘Yes I do. One second, there’s a call on the other line. [Long pause while Shears Googles the answer.] False alarm – it was my mom. It’s David Cameron!’

  • Cheater! When did you last cook your own meal?

    ‘I recently did a bad job cooking macaroni and cheese. I’ve gotten better. I’m not scared of meat or fish any more. I cook a mean, very plain piece of salmon.’

  • When was the last time you took a private jet?

    ‘It was years ago and it wasn’t mine! If I had that kind of money, I’d hire 100 go-go dancers. Or throw a house party: get a smoke machine, some lasers, a decent DJ and have a good time!’