Keeping it real: Shaun Ryder

How real has the Happy Monday's singer been keeping? Danielle Goldstein finds out...

  • Bez of friends: Only Shaun knows where he’s hidden Bez’s maracas Bez of friends: Only Shaun knows where he’s hidden Bez’s maracas

    Who is the Home Secretary?

    ‘I haven’t got a clue.’

  • Take a punt…

    ‘No, I don’t know names. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. I’m immersed in children’s television at the moment.’

  • Okay, so do you know who the current Doctor Who is?

    ‘God, thingy with the square jaw – don’t know his name. We don’t do “Doctor Who” in this house, we’re on “Witches of Waverly” [it’s actually called “Wizards of Waverly Place”] and that “Hannah Montana”. I’ve sat through all sorts – did all four “Twilights” on the bounce. It’s the four-year-old that loves it.’

  • Who are the ‘X Factor’ judges?

    ‘Tulisa, Gary Barlow, what’s-he-called – the Irish fella that does boy bands – and the bird out the Pussycat Dolls. I’ve seen a bit, I quite like that James Arthur kid. He’s good, but he should see my dentist.’

  • Which former ‘X Factor’ act recently had a Number One hit with ‘Little Things’?

    ‘Not got a clue. Don’t care. I’m pretty unreal, aren’t I?’

  • It’s One Direction.

    ‘Is it? Harry Styles and that? Came runners up, didn’t they? [They came third.] Yeah, bunch of kids having a great time. Brilliant.’

  • Since you’ve got a song called ‘Theme from Netto’ – where’s your nearest Netto supermarket?

    ‘No idea. That title was from the keyboard player [Paul Davis] who was completely off his head and decided to call that song “Theme from Netto” and got his way. “Netto” means “nothing” in Manc-speak.’