Mac DeMarco – '2' album review

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  • Mac Demarco – '2'

    Rating: 4/5

    By Eddy Frankel
    What were you doing when you were 22? An unpaid, no-hope internship maybe? Applying for a job in a bank? Well not young Mac DeMarco. He spends his time slurring huskily over chorus-heavy, ’80s-indebted soft-rock. His latest release, ‘2’, is filled with the kind of languid insouciance and effortless cool that comes with youth, as well as the dizzying romanticism of someone who thinks every girl he kisses might be the one. The whole thing is breezy and effortless – just pretty little nuggets of melody and ennui. Not every song is a winner, but you weren’t perfect when you were that age either.