Merz – 'No Compass Will Find Home' album review

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  • Merz – 'No Compass Will Find Home'

    Rating: 4/5

    It’s interesting to note that Conrad Lambert (aka Merz) was particularly influenced by experimental London electronicist Micachu while working on his fourth album ‘No Compass Will Find Home’. Once you know this, Micachu’s glitchiness begins to leap out at you: that distortion over the instrumental ‘Lauterbrunnen’; some irregular squeaks on ‘Toy’; the whirring moog of ‘Our Airman Lost’ that’s eerily reminiscent of the opening to ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Lambert’s lilting Simon & Garfunkel folksiness remains, but it’s beneath a layer of adventurous, off-kilter soundscapes of the sort he specialised in on his eponymous 1999 debut. If it wasn’t for his delicate harmonies (especially on ‘The Hunting Owl’), the bizarre nuances could sound overly rough and industrial, but with the help of electronic producer Matthew Herbert, Lambert has found the perfect balance between peculiar and pleasurable.