Nelly Furtado – 'The Spirit Indestructible' album review

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  • Nelly Furtado – 'The Spirit Indestructible'

    Rating: 3/5

    By Nick Aveling

    Back on chart form after 2009’s Spanish digresión, ‘Mi Plan’, Nelly Furtado returns with the synth-driven massive pop record you were expecting after 2006’s ‘Loose’ – or almost does, anyway. Darkchild ably fills in for Timbaland as producer, drawing in some tinny snares and crisp handclaps to contemporise Furtado’s comeback. It more or less works, until a slowing of pace in the album’s latter half leads to the cringeworthy ‘Believers (Arab Spring)’. How it fits in with her playing a concert for the Gaddafis in 2007 we’re not quite sure.