Rachel Zeffira – 'The Deserters' album review

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  • Rachel Zeffira – 'The Deserters'

    Rating: 4/5

    By Rachel Aroesti
    In 2010, Canadian soprano Zeffira formed a band, Cat’s Eyes, with Horrors frontman Faris Badwan. ‘The Deserters’ is her solo debut, but it’s still a record under the shadow of Badwan’s dark-rock influence. With added contributions from shadowy scenesters Toy and S.C.U.M, this album should be listened to in one go in order to fully appreciate the narrative – a journey from haunting dirge to sweeping, full-band ebullience. At times, Zeffira’s crystalline, perfectly enunciated vocals sound cooly cinematic. In other moments, they are reminiscent of an eerie cathedral service (not surprising, considering Cat’s Eyes’ first gig was at the Vatican). Both styles are pulled off with authority. Zeffira owes a debt to Nick Cave and Kate Bush’s theatrics but this entrancing goth-opera is a unique and peculiar success in its own right.