Singing Adams – 'Moves' album review

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  • Singing Adams – 'Moves'

    Rating: 3/5

    By Rachel Aroesti
    This second album from Steven Adams and the quartet he formed post-Broken Family Band starts off sounding like an understated Beautiful South. But it’s soon apparent that, compared to the South’s Paul Heaton, Adams uses a little too much melody and artfulness to conceal his psychological wounds. There are no re-enacted emotional breakdowns here, nor is there much evidence of Adams’s wit – a defining feature of Broken Family Band’s wry English take on Americana. The restrained ‘See You Around’ is a triumph of subtlety, but the majority of tracks, most notably ‘Building a Wall’, are lost to evasive and unconvincing lyrics. Which makes this stripped-back, conventional album a little too easy to forget.