Skye – 'Back to Now' album review

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  • Skye – 'Featherlight'

    Rating: 3/5

    By Kim Taylor Bennett
    Remember Morcheeba? The mid-’90s easy-listening soul-cum-trip hop troupe whose mellow, MOR magic hinged on singer Skye Edwards? Since her departure in ’03, Skye’s gone on to release two solo LPs, both of which showcased her velvety vocals, but offered little else in terms of memorability. Back with a third, the 38-year-old has darkened her palette – injecting songs with moody atmospherics, precision beats and glowering synths, the undoubted highlight of which is the glacial, eastern-tinged ‘Featherlight’. But overall this is a tad tepid and could easily slot into that shuddersome genre ‘adult-oriented pop’.