Tame Impala come to Brixton

Jonny Ensall looks forward to a South London gig by Kevin Parker's psychedelic foursome

'Going crazy at a sexy party.' This is how Tame Impala's main man, Kevin Parker, describes the perfect location to listen to his band's music. Or else, 'walking in the rain with your headphones on'. The Aussie multi-instrumentalist is leading a minor musical revolution, proving that Beatles-influenced psychedelic rock can be both wildly popular and sensually cool – perfect for your sexy party in fact. Though it's that solitary rain-soaked trudge which Parker celebrates on the band's latest album, 'Lonerism'. Its 12 songs document the life of the outsider, presenting, 'stories from the point of view of someone who is a lone ranger,' he explains.

A lone ranger like Parker? Our Kevin is, himself, a stay-at-home type. Though he tours with a band he wrote 'Lonerism' solo in the biggest room in his house in Perth, Western Australia. He describes the set-up thusly: 'I try and keep everything that I own that could be considered musical in some way at arm's reach, like a spaceship cockpit. It's very Rick Wakeman.'

A spaceship cockpit is a suitable analogy for 'Lonerism', which comes across like an epic, reverb-fuelled journey through the wormhole of your dad's record collection and back out again; a soundtrack to the future as imagined at the height of ’70s prog rock. Yes, it's retro, but it's also a superbly innovative project, one which shines a light on the vastness and vivid colour of Parker's inner universe.

It was on 2010 single 'Solitude is Bliss' that Parker sang the lyric, 'There's a party in my head, and nobody's invited.' Of course, he wasn't being entirely serious then, as he isn't now. His band is his call out for RSVPs, its music a beckoning call to a sexy party hidden deep between the firing neurones of your own mind.