The best albums of 2011

Time Out's music team nominate their favourite albums of 2011

  • 1

    ‘Let England Shake’ - PJ Harvey

    The country’s most distinctive and consistently adventurous singer-songwriter turned her attention to England’s bloody history, conflicted identity and uncertain future, forging a very modern kind of folk music in the process.

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  • 2


    After a brace of killer remixes Aaron Jerome’s debut as SBTRKT is a plateful of awesome guests including Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, rising star Jessie Ware and long-term collaborator Sampha, whose velvety tones give this polished collection some serious soul. Future-pop excellence.

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  • 3

    ‘21’ - Adele

    Adele Atkins bestrode the globe like Optimus Prime, although with an old school soul-belter of a voice and an assured knack for songwriting which the popular Autobot is sorely lacking.

  • 4

    ‘Bad As Me’ - Tom Waits

    Easily the gravelly voiced godhead’s best work since ‘Bone Machine’ and a comparative laff riot by his standards. This sprawling romp across genre borders is infectiously enthusiastic and, dare we say it, almost poppy.

  • 5

    ‘The English Riviera’ - Metronomy

    It was the moment that Joseph Mount went mainstream – with a Mercury Music Prize nomination – and about time too. His third album, a love letter to the Devon coastline, is expertly crafted – inventive instrumentation, groovy basslines, and surprising yet memorable melodies. With ‘The Bay’ at the record’s pinnacle, this is Metronomy in high-def: widescreen, wonderful.

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  • 6

    ‘Black Up’ - Shabazz Palaces

    Traditionally, Sub Pop don’t release hip hop. But then, neither does hip hop usually dip its brush into a madcap sonic palette of ragtime, West African rhythms, juddering digibass, grinding horrorshow beats and shimmering soul horns. Add in the oblique, rhyme-light raps and this is one hell of an abstract sonic adventure.

  • 7

    ‘Rome’ - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luippi

    The ‘soundtrack to an imaginary film’ concept reaches its apex with this under-radar concept album featuring vocal contributions from Jack White and a shockingly animated Norah Jones.

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  • 8

    ‘On A Mission’ - Katy B

    The diamond brilliant melodies of ‘Lights On’ and ‘Katy on a Mission’ have already taken digi-futurism to the pop masses. But Ms B’s encore was even better: jazzy double bass grooves, bruising crack house, punchy rave-pop and horn-strafed organ funk. Yowzer.

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  • 9

    ‘D’ - White Denim

    The Texan quartet’s latest was a wild and carousing, physically exuberant but terrifyingly tight-focused ride through blues, prog, acid rock, country, jazz fusion, folk, punk metal and more. It’s playful, but awesomely pro. It’s experimental but has grooves. It’s pretty much perfect.

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  • 10

    ‘Biophilia’ - Bjork

    Just about barely qualifying as an album, considering its quantum superposition as a suite of apps, four-dimensional live experience and sprawling pseudo-scientific experiment, ‘Biophilia’ is one of the year’s most ambitious outings.

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