The best live music venues in London

Number 19: The O2

No question, London’s live music credentials are rock solid. But which venues can turn a concert into a mind-blowing night out? Time Out readers pick the best places to see gigs in London.


The O2

Peninsula Square, SE10 0DX

Symbolic of the turn of the century’s cash-rich, commonsense-poor mentality, the Millennium Dome was a national embarrassment which took years to sell off. Even once it was off the public’s hands, doubts remained about the building’s viability as a venue, given the drawbacks of its relatively remote location and the fact it used to be the Millennium Dome.

But the plucky 20,000-seater has proved the critics wrong and established itself as the capital’s de facto home of the megagig. This was where Prince chose to hold his famous 21-night freeform residency, still spoken of in awed tones by those who were there. It is also, of course, where Michael Jackson fatally decided to base his own 50-night run, with equally memorable results.

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