This Many Boyfriends – 'This Many Boyfriends' review

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  • This Many Boyfriends – 'This Many Boyfriends'

    Rating: 4/5

    By Danielle Goldstein
    The witty lyrics and track titles of this Leeds quintet’s debut reveal an awful lot. For example, track six makes clear that they won’t like you if, ‘You Don’t Like The Pastels’. TMB intersperse blasts of garage pop with that band’s style of shoegaze dreaminess and guy-gal vocals. On ‘That’s What Diaries Are For’ the lyrics promise that, ‘This Many Boyfriends aren’t your friends’, so don’t bother harping on about their wonderful Smiths-y realism (especially on ‘You Don’t Need to Worry’). This is a very promising, and playfully petulant, first effort. TMB may not be your best friends, but we bet they’ll be your new favourite band.