Toy – 'Toy' album review

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  • Toy – 'Toy' album review

    Rating: 4/5
    By Sharon O'Connell

    Shake out your black roll-neck sweaters and polish up your Chelsea boots, it’s Toy time. The hip, London-based quintet’s debut LP arrives in a kaleidoscopic, droning fog of fuzzed and jangling guitars, fizzing analogue synths and reverb-laden vocals, anchored by the kind of insistent grooves developed by ’70s krautrock bands Neu! and Harmonia.

    But if that makes Toy sound like technical nerds nostalgic for a time even their parents are far too young to remember, it’s selling them short. They’ve channelled their trippy retro leanings through more recent history – Ride and House Of Love get a workout on ‘Motoring’ and ‘The Reasons Why’ is pretty much a love letter to My Bloody Valentine, but ‘Drifting Deeper’ shows off their interest in experimental electronics.

    A highlight is darkly groovy epic ‘Dead and Gone’, which finds Toy shifting up the gears to create a buzz so thrillingly physical you can practically see it pouring from your speakers. This one demands maximum volume.