What's the deal with… Electric Wizard

Here's everything you need to know about the debauched doom metallers

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Electric Wizard: surely a band that covers floaty Enya songs from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ soundtrack?
Yes, well done! Oh, wait. Actually, you’re completely wrong. Unless there’s a director’s cut where Gandalf joins a debauched, psychedelic, doom-metal band.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t. Doom metal, though – will I get scared?
Maybe. It’s essentially a sludgier, slower, darker form of heavy metal, popularised by bands like Black Sabbath and Sleep, and now epitomised by Electric Wizard, often referred to as ‘the heaviest band in the universe’ – a term which they aren’t at pains to dispute.

Crikey. I’m not sure I’ll like this. The only thing I like to be heavy is sourdough bread.
You should probably broaden your horizons. And your diet. The Wizard aren’t any old metal band. Their guitars may be more distorted than UKIP’s views on immigration, but the band’s chugging riffs and swirling walls of feedback are surprisingly listenable and absorbing.

Fine, but they do look like they want to kill me.
They probably won’t. They are quite fond of singing about death, though.

Not the best people to go for a pint with, then?
If you value your liver, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Will they cut it out before sacrificing me?
No, it’s just that their well-publicised fondness for indulging in booze and narcotics makes the weirdest, wildest moments of Sid Vicious, Keith Richards and Pete Doherty look like Aled Jones during 
a Dryathlon.

Is Aled Jones a fan?
The Wizard’s appeal spreads far beyond just the metal crowd, but that probably doesn’t extend to the Welsh warbler.

So, who do they appeal to?
The tastemakers at All Tomorrow’s Parties, who’ve booked the Wizard for their excellent, eclectic Jabberwocky festival this weekend.

Okay, but how can I ease myself into their music beforehand?
You can’t really ease yourself in. This is musical warfare at its most fearsome and glorious. Take a deep breath and dive into ‘I Am Nothing’, a track from their ninth album, ‘Time to Die’, scheduled for release in September.

Sounds cheerful.
It isn’t. But, hey, who needs more happiness in their life, anyway? Everyone knows that being miserable is way cooler.

The bottom line:
Heavy, hedonistic heaven that’s not just
for hardcore headbangers.

Watch Electric Wizard's 'I Am Nothing' video

Listen to Electric Wizard

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