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What's the deal with… Valentina?

Here's everything you need to know about the rising spook ’n’ kook singer-songwriter

By Oliver Keens

That’s a nice name.
It is, isn’t it? At once effortlessly romantic and utterly memorable. Exactly like this English-Italian singer’s music.

Whoa! We only said she has a nice name…
Okay, fair enough, we admit that’s a tad gushy. It’s just that we’re really excited about this young London-based artist and think you should be too. She first won us over on 2011’s ‘Gabriel’ – a mix of throbbing electro and folk-reared vocals. Since then, she’s been touring as a backing singer to another Time Out favourite, long-haired disco lover Kindness.

That’s strong company. Who else has she been working with? 
Last year she lent her sweeping vocals to Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘The World Is Watching’. Recently though, she’s been the star – teaming up with producers such as Kwes, Esser and former Amy Winehouse piano man Sam Beste for her latest release, the ‘Wolves EP’.

A one-woman tribute to Wolverhampton Wanderers FC?
Hell no. It’s actually five tracks of Kate Bush-inspired spook ’n’ kook, with a dash of English baroque and the cinematic sweep of Lana Del Rey thrown in. Whip out your smartphone and have a listen to our favourite ‘Walk Like Humans’ – a majestic piano ballad to rival PJ Harvey. 

What’s the secret ingredient? 
It’s all in her voice – a quite spectacular treasure which creates an almost chest-tightening intensity in the audience when she performs live.

The Bottom Line:
It’s time to celebrate Valentina’s Day!

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