Who the hell is... Hannah Cohen?

Jonny Ensall introduces the model turned singer who is actually rather good

  • A model turned musician? I’m going to need some convincing here – I still remember Caprice’s 1999 flop single, ‘Oh Yeah’.

    You’re probably the only person that does. Hannah Cohen is no have-a-go pop star, she’s a Bella Union-signed artist who takes wistful songwriting to heady new heights.

  • I bet it doesn’t hurt that she’s radiantly beautiful.

    Let’s not be cynical, shall we? Cohen has a fragile, insouciant voice that stops you in your tracks, and her songs are simple but beguiling. The San Francisco-born artist also has an impressive artistic pedigree (her grandfather was a poet and a friend of Dylan Thomas) and takes photographs in her spare time.

  • I’d like to meet this girl.

    To do that you’ll need to hang around New York’s most bohemian loft parties. Modelling took Cohen away from San Francisco to the US East Coast when she was still a teenager. She’s now 25, and enjoys performing new material late at night to spellbound rooms full of other young and beautiful people.

  • I live in Seven Sisters and I’m no oil painting. Is there any hope for me?

    No. Your best bet is to pick up her album ‘Child Bride’, released earlier this year, and have a good swoon over its sensitively-arranged and softly-sung ballads of heartbreak. ‘I cried all night, and now it’s your turn,’ she croons on ‘Don’t Say’.

  • I’m weeping already.

    Think that’s bad? Watch the video for the album’s title track, in which Cohen lies in a pool of water and is gradually submerged as she serenades an unfaithful lover. It’s as sad as Caprice’s pop career.