Melancholia Feliz: Saxophone Album Launch

Music, Classical and opera

Martino Scovacricchi (alto saxophone/cello and composer) launches his latest CD, 'Melancholia Feliz', with a concert. He describes it as a mix of contrasting emotions, creating a general mood of tranquillity, meditation and joy. Featuring elements of classical music, jazz conceptions, irish influences and latin rhythms.'

'OM' (bassoon quartet)

'Alaide' (saxophone and percussion)

'Melancolia Feliz' (saxophone solo)

'Cuerpo y Sonido' (saxophone solo)

'ItaMiTaMi Ita Mi' (flute, saxophone, piano, bass and percussion)

'Loop motion' (violin, saxophone, cello and loop station)

'Simple fluir' (saxophohe and cello)

'Eterea' (saxophone and cello)

'3 blessings' (two altos and one tenor saxophones)

Scovacricchi is joined by:

Jennifer Raven, flute

Pasha Mansurov, flute

Violeta Barrena, violin

Frank Banchereau, alto saxophone

Mike Underwood, tenor saxophone

Diego Carneiro, cello

Jozef Janik, piano

Dom Tyler, bassoon

Claudio Leisse, electric bass

Cristiano Castellitto, percussion

James Taylor, percussion


Event phone: 020 7387 6727
Event website:
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