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Another summer, another rooftop pop-up bar in Hackney. This one proved very popular when it opened for the first time in 2013. Decked out again with colourful garden sheds, plastic lemons and checked tablecloths, the look hasn’t changed for 2014, but the vibe has. Almost every shed, bench and deckchair was pre-booked on an early evening visit, meaning this is not longer the place to go for a spontaneous drink on a sunny weekend.
A  summer pop-up by the people behind Italian restaurant Lardo round the corner, the menu at Coppa ranges from salads and cured meats to roast chicken flavoured with spicy ’nduja sausage. There’s also a blackboard list of regularly changing specials such as prawns wrapped in guanciale (cured pig cheek), which is char-grilled and served with a shaved fennel and orange salad – a decent summery snack.
To drink there are Italian-inspired cocktails, including a slushie version of a classic negroni with a touch of added prosecco.
Shedloads of fun on a Hackney roof? Maybe not, but if you can find a pew, this spot above London Fields still makes a pleasant space for an Italian-inspired snack or cocktail.


By: Celia Plender


Venue name: Coppa
Address: Hothouse Rooftop
Martello Street
E8 3QW
Opening hours: 5-11pm Thur, Fri; noon-1pm Sat; noon-10pm Sun.
Transport: Rail: London Fields
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Without doubt the worst restaurant (and believe me, in this case I use the term loosely) I've been to in years. No bookings for fewer than six people so we arrived at 6:30 to beat the rush. We were told to find a space if we could. We found a hut table which was covered in stale food and drinks (it looked like it had been there for hours and because it was enclosed it stank). After ten minutes they came and cleared it. The menu is very limited and the specials board illegible. The waitresses (who were the only decent part of the experience) explained it nicely and we ordered and paid. At 7pm the manager came over and told us we had the table for only another half hour as a party had reserved it! We said you'd best serve our food quickly then. The lardy loin arrived first and was vile, just lumps of tasteless fat. The rest turned up a few minutes later, two servings of chicken and the chickpea falafals. We had ordered one chicken and a beef salad. We took the wrong chicken back and asked for the correct meal and the girl who took the order told us WE had ordered incorrectly. Given that one of us doesn't eat chicken, I'm pretty certain she hadn't ordered it for herself accidentally!! We were told the manager would come to see us. In terms of presentation, the food was just tossed on a plate, it was colourless, uninspired and not remotely appetising. However, while we waited for the manager we tried the falafals (bland, boring) and I had some chicken (had you fed it to me blindfolded I would have been hard pushed to know that it was chicken, let alone how it was cooked). Fifteen minutes later still no manager. My companion went back to the same girl to follow up and was rudely told outright that she hadn't bothered to get him for us yet and that she was dealing with another customer now! When he eventually turned up we had the table for only another five minutes so we knew we wouldn't have the meal replaced before the next party was due to arrive. Given the standard of the food thus far, we asked for a refund for it, were given it, and we left. I really don't know why this place has any decent reviews at all. The food was absolutely awful, it was a mess and completely disorganised, and the majority of the staff were pretentious idiots. We wasted 45 minutes of our lives here when we could have gone somewhere a millions times better. Even McDonald's would have been better food and value for money. Hideous.

I was recommended Coppa by a friend who went last year. It seems thought things must have changed a lot. The door man was really welcoming, the roof top looked amazing and staff were really friendly and as attentive as they could be considering how woefully understaffed and over worked they seemed. Considering the extortionate price of the the rotisserie chicken you'd think they'd be making enough to ensure the staff could actually serve the customers. We had to wait ages to be served! I hope those poor staff weren't being paid minimum wage - but I bet they were. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm giving 2 stars as the place had real potential, it was just a deeply depressing experience.

We have been for a Friday night at Coppa with 12 friends. We couldn't choose for a better place!
The atmosphere is great and the food is delicious. Big thanks to Cristian and Pedro for being very welcoming. You made us feel home! Bravi ragazzi!

Not good! Coppa has opened again for summer 2014 and unfortunately the new rotisserie concept is really bad. The chicken was very dry and flavourless, it was supposed to be 'Nduja infused but tasted of nothing, they give you a sad little handful of chips on the side which tasted like they had come out of a freezer. At £14 a portion this is probably the most over priced meal I've ever bought. It's a shame because the staff are lovely and Lardo (which owns Coppa) is great.

Amazing drinks. Great food and an amazing vibe. Ignore the Coppa reviews. This is a brand new pop up. Platterform have excelled.

Amazing winter rooftop bar, great vibes, brilliant food and superb cocktails. HIGHLY recommended.

And there it is! someone had to ruin it. In the past few years the London Fields/Broadway Market area has been oddly graced with the absence 'want-to-be-spontaneous', pretentious rip-offs, despite the right demographic and fertile ground for their proliferation. The worst adjectives one could have used might have been 'hip' or 'mildly overpriced'. But this is taking it to the next level. - Generic rooftop, barely enough for one to say "Yes, I am on a rooftop" - Extremely overpriced and mediocre food and drink. Poor wine selection, £6 small glass, £6 a small skewer, 'nuff said. - Ridiculous ad unclear menu presentation - If you're not one of the 4 covered huts, you'll be set up on one of several narrow tables, not even wide enough to sit one opposite each other. After one glass of wine and a skewer, we got up, paid, and left. And went to Lardo. Hey! Lardo crowd! you got it very right the first time, and completely flunked the second. Try again.

Overpriced for what it is. The food really isn't that great at all, but the prices are high. The view is also normal.

We went to this place for a relaxed weekend lunch and it provided everything we hoped for. The food was delicious and the service friendly and efficient. Although the menu was a confused mix of tapas and mains, we decided to share a large barbecued seabass with several sides between 3 which was perfect.

Have been here twice and very much enjoyed it both times - especially the huge steak, which is pricey at £50 but which fed four of us with starters and sides. The seafood risotto was also great for sharing. Book and ask for a cabana - they have blankets too if it's chilly.

Hi All, I went to this place last night and I would not recommend it. The decor was certainly nice but the price of the food is really expensive regarding to what it is. First, I have booked a table, I was hoping to be in one of the hut and unfortunately we had just the right to be in a table. I have ordered some drinks and antipasti. We had really small glass for the price of minimum £6 (there is not a lot of choice and what i took was not good) and we paid £6 for a sausage with cornichons which arrived on a wook plank not cut. It was weird. The mimimum price for a meal was £15. We ordered frittis, still it was ridiculous, it looked like small samosas. The weather was not the best to be there, I have to say, it should be better to go when there is no wind and it is really sunny. Don't go their if you expect to have a good view on London because you will be only able to see London fields.

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Good idea but a bit of a fail. We ordered food which took FOREVER to arrive and all we ordered was 1 chicken skewer, 1 lamb skewer and bruschetta: it was a complete rip off! It cost £15 and we got 1 skewer of each meat for £6 per skewer! To rub salt in the wounds they actually had the cheek to serve what were supposed to be 2 separate 'dishes' on the same plate with a tiny bit of rocket which, to be honest was the best bit as it had a nice dressing on. The meat itself was pretty tasteless, especially the chicken. The cocktails we ordered weren't great either, they were pretty flavourless, not very imaginative and the one with Prosecco I saw them top up with fizzy water. Awful. The venue is ok if you sit at one end but if you are at the end to the left of the stairs you are sheltered by trees and feel crammed into a corner. Ok if you like trains though. This place could be really good but it seems disorganised, the food is very average and very overpriced and the cocktails were a bit lame.