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Crust: Bread to Get Your Teeth Into

Richard Bertinet, Kylie Cathie, £19.99

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Watching Richard Bertinet knead his brioche dough on the DVD that accompanies thisexcellent book is mesmerising. TheFrench-born, Bathbased baker has an appealingly quiet authority you just don’t see in today’s TV chefs, and his unusual flourless grab-and-slam technique transforms a sticky puddle of yellow goo into a smooth cohesive ball.

Customers of his baking courses, this is‘Crust’ is the follow-up to Bertinet’s classy first book, ‘Dough’, which won him several prizes in the UK and USA. Although designed to appeal to equally suited to someone new to baking who’s been inspired by the artisan-made sourdoughs on sale at farmers’ markets and swish bakeries.

Working with Times food writer Sheila Keating, Bertinet has a clear, thorough and highly practical way of explaining things – from which bits of equipment are best to how to shape viennoiserie like a pro – all helped by some good, simple art direction and photography.

Jenni Muir

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