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Brew Your Own British Real Ale

Graham Wheeler

, CAMRA, £14.99

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This is the revised third edition of this practical guide book. It's not the only brewing book out there – 'How to Brew', 'Designing Great Beers', 'The Big Book of Brewing' and several other titles also give clear advice – but this one gives specific advice on how to successfully replicate the taste and style of popular cask-conditioned ales at home, from pale ales and bitters to a few mild recipes.

Pallid lager drinkers should look elsewhere – there are no lager recipes here, only proper CAMRA-approved real ales. It's a good beginner-level book, covering equipment, methods, and recipes without going into tedious detail. London flat dwellers should be warned though: home brewing of beer is not really advisable in a small or shared space – unless, that is, your flatmates don’t mind living with boiling worts, the smell of bleach, and at least 19 litres of fermenting liquids cluttering up their home.

Guy Dimond, Time Out London Issue 2007: February 5-11 2009

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