how to cook beef

We Londoners have a strange relationship with meat, consuming it voraciously but preferring to ignore its bloody origins and turn up our noses at the rarer cuts. So, in a unique experiment, Time Out decided to buy a cow, cut it up and eat the lot; look out for our series of recipes and cooking tips

  • How to cook a whole cow

    Poor cow: the meat, now in editor's-office-fridge-sized pieces

  • Week one: butchery

    The Time Out amateur meat team take lessons in butchery at the Ginger Pig, one of London’s best butchers.

    Week two: the tongue
    How to make Welsh chicken and leek pie with an ox's tongue.

    Week three: ageing

    Understanding the ageing process plus how to cook a Thai beef salad for two.

    Week four: knives

    Beef stroganoff for four plus how to slice and dice without ending up in A&E.

    Week five: the shin

    Once the pauper's choice, shin is now revered by dedicated beef eaters as the best stewing cut.

    Week six: brisket

    Admittedly not the most fashionable cut, but perfect for slow-cooked casserole.

    Week seven: rib

    Find out how to cook a classic French rib roast.

    Week eight: mince

    How to cook a not-so-perfect bolognese.

    Week nine: wing rib

    Prized by beef aficionados, but how do you get the best from a wing rib?

    Week ten: biltong

    How to cure and flavour your finest cuts, South African-style.

    Week eleven: filet mignon

    How to make a beef stroganoff using a tender sirloin cut.

    Week twelve: stewing steak

    Our cow, Del Boy, travels up the east African coast as we make a delicious Eritrean stew.

    Week thirteen: the heart

    Delicious cuisine awaits those brave enough to try the less popular cuts.

    Week fourteen: tenderloin

    How to cook the king of beef dishes: Beef Wellington.

    Week fifteen: silverside

    The perfect way to cook pot-roasted beef in red wine sauce with red onion marmalade.

    Week sixteen: tripe

    It's not fondly remembered, but is there any hope for austerity staple tripe?

    Week seventeen: mince

    The perfect recipe for home-made burgers.

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