London's best restaurants for pizza

Discover where to find seriously good pizzas in London

This delicious staple has been elevated far beyond its humble roots in London's Italian restaurants and beyond. So we’ve tried and tested the very best pizza to give you our top London pizzerias. Do you agree with our choices? Use the comments box below to let us know, or tweet us your suggestions.

Pizza restaurants in London


4 out of 5 stars

Venue says: “Come in and try our new special, the Apolletana! Capers, black olives and anchovies on a sourdough base!”

An authentically Neapolitan pizza place where the owners have done their homework. The oven, shipped from Naples, probably took the bulk of the refurbishment budget – but you probably won’t notice the bare plasterboard walls, because the pizzas are so good. The chefs use their Neapolitan hardware to turn out thin, flash-cooked pizzas with still-runny tomato sauce and minimalist toppings (quality sausages, pecorino, porcini and chestnut). 

Local delivery available.

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Stoke Newington

Four Hundred Rabbits

4 out of 5 stars

Brace yourself: Four Hundred Rabbits is a restaurant that serves pizza and beer. The former is sourdough, and thus chewy rather than brittle. Toppings are equal parts familiar and inventive, such as chorizo and pickled chillies, or courgette, feta and pine nuts. Look out for specials like a venison sausage and charred cavolo nero – it's the tits.

Local delivery available.

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Figli del Vesuvio

4 out of 5 stars

Venue says: “Pop in and ask Fabio to make you a traditional Neapolitan pizza!”

At Figli del Vesuvio ('brothers of Vesuvius') in south London's Summesrtown, some enterprising Neapolitan lads are recreating a slice of their home city. Sit by the oven and you can admire the craft of the pizzaiolo as he spins the dough with his muscular and heavily tattooed arms. The traditional Italian toppings are assembled to order, and might include friarelli (‘turnip top’ winter greens), juicy sausage, or tender artichoke hearts.

Local delivery available.

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Franco Manca

5 out of 5 stars

With its top-notch, UK-sourced (when possible) ingredients, speedy and friendly service, and rapid turnover, it's no wonder the Franco Manca formula spread across London like a dribble of chilli oil on your plate. The original Brixton branch isn't as pioneering as when it first opened but the bustling Market setting and the Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas still do it for our money.

Takeaway available across all branches. Delivery available at selected branches.

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3 out of 5 stars

It’s not how big it is: it’s what you do with it. Take this joint in Neal’s Yard’s, which is serving pizzas that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Man v. Food’. Served fresh from the wood-fired oven, most of these thin crusts are available by the slice (£4). Or, you can order a whole 20-incher (£20), which is enough to feed you and two of your pals. They’ll even let you have more than one choice of the topping selections if you ask nicely.

Delivery available in east and west London.

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Covent Garden

Joe Public

4 out of 5 stars

Joe Public is an artisanal fast-food joint in a stools-only space that happens to be a former public loo. It serves its pizza US-style as a 20-inch pie – i.e. bigger than a grown-up’s arm – so order by the single slice. Two to three is plenty. Toppings have a Stateside vibe: chilli-flecked slivers of pepperoni or fennel-spiced sausage with mushroom and caramelised leeks. At £4 or £4.50 a slice, it makes a satisfying pit stop that’s an absolute steal.

Local delivery available.

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Mimmo La Bufala

4 out of 5 stars

Mimmo La Bufala specialises in southern Italian food, with a bias towards mozzarella (of course) and fish. The long pizza list includes all the classics as well as seasonal variations such as tomato-free ‘biancis’. ‘Mimmo’s pizza’, named after the ebullient proprietor, is made in true southern Italian style, its thin base topped with juicy tomatoes, smoky provolone and melt-in-your-mouth buffalo mozzarella before being baked in a wood-fired oven.

Local delivery available.

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'O ver

3 out of 5 stars

Seawater may not sound like the most appetising thing to add to a batch of pizza dough, but the folks at Neapolitan pizzeria ’O ver swear by it. It made the pizzas we sampled both fluffy and flavourful, one champion topped with splodges of 'nduja and a pool of molten mozzarella. Decor is pure Scandi, a narrow room kept minimal with smooth wooden chairs and plants lit by glowing orbs.

Takeaway available.

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Pizza East Shoreditch

4 out of 5 stars

The popularity of Pizza East hasn’t waned, with this Soho House operation still packing out the landmark Tea Building and other industrial chic branches in Kentish Town and Portobello Road. Nearly every topping on Ciabatta-style dough has an alluring twist, as in the creamy burrata cheese paired with tomato, aubergine and chilli, and veal meatballs with lemon and cream.

Takeaways available. No delivery.

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Pizza Pilgrims

3 out of 5 stars

Having built a loyal following for its three-wheeler food van (usually found in Berwick Street Market), PP opened on this busy corner in summer 2013. You can see the kitchen and pizza oven (also servicing the takeaway trade) through the ground-floor windows. It produces chewy and soft offerings in the Neapolitan style, the appealing, thick bases layered with on-trend toppings – ’Nduja, salsiccia and the like. Calzones are also a hot ticket.

Local delivery available within 2km.

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By: Time Out London Food & Drink


Rajan V

The fact Bravi Ragazzi in Streatham is not here discredits this list entirely!

Marcello V

This list sucks on so many levels, there are names like Pizza East Shoreditch, WHAT????? Their pizza shouldnt be mentioned not even at the bottom of the list. FRanco Manca is now a chain their Margherita is often uncooked and chewy with 10 mg. of mozzarella, if you're lucky (of course it's a big corporation now). Jonathan Perugia, who wrote the article, get your facts right before you speak, I suggest you go to Naples for a weekend or two and you might find out what a real pizza tastes and looks like... Santa Maria is good but you only mentioned it toward the end...while Bona in Forest Hill, which I consider the best pizza in South London is not even listed. Time Out!!!!!

Grazie e scusate lo sfogo ;)

Bibi T

Bufi in Hackney road is proper pizza from Neaples made with love <3 (Btw "Figli del Vesuvio" means "Sons of Vesuvio", not brothers)

Vera S tastemaker

Guys, you need to head out to the Taproom SE18 in Woolwich. Locally sourced, fresh ingredients with a menu that changes pretty much every couple of weeks, and a sourdough crust that is crunchy and always fresh... I love a good Neapolitan pizza, but I adore Taproom pizzas.

gian A

....the Pizza Place in Wood Street,N100 it the Georgian Gallery,  the best pizza in London made by authentic italian chefs and a fire oven in an atosphere which reminds of  the mediterrean style, the result is a delicuious pizza.

Daniele T Staff Writer

Pizza Metro near Clapham Junction is really good too in terms of authentic pizza.

Alessandro M

Go to one of the big brand from Naples, like ROSSOPOMODORO or Fratelli La Bufala and you'll never come back.

Another planet.

Franco Manca is like them, just less quality.

mick b


We went to italian pizza connection in bayswater  after being recommended by a friend and I have to say it was even better then they described,we enjoyed it so much we've been back twice since .The pizza was FANTASTIC, and the seafood pasta was to die for .
If your after great food and a friendly service then this is a must.highly recommend it to anyone that wants real Italian food.

raffaelle s

I am from Naples and have been fortunate enough to be brought up on the best pizzas. The best way to judge a good pizza is not when you are hungry but when you want a snack...this is originally what pizza is for. My favourite are a mobile unit called Made of Dough who are based in Broadway Market on Saturdays. Not only do they cook out of a converted Land Rover, they use amazing dough, high quality ingredients - producing an incredibly light and tasty pizza. This is now my local pizza, go and try for yourselves.

Lucian B

I'd go to Tonda, a new Italian pizza place serving delicious creative mini pizzas on Portobello Road.

Tina C

Brilliant pizza, and I am not a pizza fan

finn c

A wee Sardinian place in Clapton, Il Guscio. I had been to Sardinia so was happy to discover it! Amazing massive fresh pizzas, lots of fresh sea food and handmade pasta! All very affordable prices and great service. Oh and there's a creaky boozer next door with a parrot called Biddle Bros. where they'll drop u in a pizza if you don't wanna leave the pub! it's pretty gentrified there now but they have hung on in there

Carys H

Yard Sale in Clapton :o

Blythe A

Maverick in Victoria - traditional pizza, untraditional cocktails and nice decor. Plus great midweek deals

Katarina O

The Oak - Hands down the best italian pizza outside Italy. 

laura h

ny-style slice place @voodoo_rays is by far the best! tasty slices made from quality ingredients. plus those amazing home-made dips (try the garlic mayo).. no other place in london do what they do.

Alex B

It has to be the Lord Morpeth in Bow... Sour dough heaven 😍

Beth W

No. 1 Pizza Place in London has to be Stingrays Cafe in Highbury, offering the best pizza I have had outside of Rome. Super thin, super delicious and with a gluten free base on offer- what more d'ya bloody want! 

camilla a

The best place to get pizza by the slice is on the Southbank in the Underbelly pasture. Homemade pizza by The Laughing Stock - they have the yummiest burgers too!!

sarah r

@camilla a Great choice, i was there the other day and had a brilliant evening, fine weather, great show and delicious food!!! 


"Homeslice" and "Franco Manca"

Sophie T

Sweet Thursday in De Beauvoir should be on here. Best by far. You haven't had a good pizza till you've eaten the SALSICCIA; Fennel sausage, broccoli, chilies, cream, mozzarella and caramelized onion. Wow.

Sarah H

It HAS to be Crate brewery in Hackney Wick. Best and most original pizza in town!

sarah r

I LOVE @Laughing_Stock_ "Pizza Al Taglio" at the Udderbelly Festival, Southbank - it's a pop up and will be there till end of September 

Ruby S

Homeslice or pizza pilgrim's all the way

Leonie G

I went to Santa Maria in Ealing based on a Time Out review years ago and it's been a firm favourite ever since. Always introduce friends to it, never disappoints.

Colin G

The Lord Morpeth, Hackney. Totally authentic Italian Pizza made with Italian ingredients by real life Italians!

Lizzie F

I totally agree with Franco Manca. As soon as I read the headline of the article it came to mind. I've only ever had it at Westfield Stratford but it's good to know you can get a great pizza even if you don't have time for a proper restaurant experience.

? ?

Durazzo (4 Queens Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay Ladder, London N8 0RD) and Icco (46 Goodge Street

London W1T 4LU)
Greer N

The pizza at my pub is absolutely the best in London. It's at the Birkbeck Tavern, 45 Langthorne Road, E11, right near Leyton station on the Central Line. Go on. I dare you to try any flavour.

Lucy D


Jason R

Lord Morpeth Old Ford Road E3

Salvo D

Vigata Pizza 

200 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP

One of the best Neapolitan Pizza in London.

Flour 00 (caputo), Fior di Latte, and best of plums tomatoes... Everything comes from Naples areas and made by all Italians

Carolyn S

I don't get the hype about Franco Manca, eaten there twice now, Brixton and Stratford, and it was just fine, but not outstanding. You won't catch me queueing for one anyway! Sodo in Clapton however, should be on this list, I think their pizzas are perfect! The base is beautiful, and every topping seems to be chosen with great care.

Sergio Valentini

Santa Maria in Ealing . No doubt . Franco manca is a joke, pizzametropizza and pizza pilgrims, together with Donna margherita do serve a very decent pizza , but there is absolutely no comparison with Santa Maria . I come from Naples and I took my friends from Naples there and they were elbowing each other in disbelief when they realised how good it was . Even better than some overrated pizza places in Campania . Highly recommended

Emilie L

HOMESLICE PIZZA. By far the best pizza I've had in my life. Also the best 20 pounds I've spent for food, not to mention the two litter bottles of wine. The wonderful food is accompanied with flawless service and a cozy atmosphere.  Would do anything to be able to go back to London and get some Homeslice pizza. Currently accepting donations to my cause.

Priscilla R

The Pizza Surgery at Eastway, Hackney Wick. It is just the best pizza around, approved by a quite hard to please Italian!  

Marta W

Well Kneaded!  Pizza truck based in Battersea.  They've got a pop up at The Doodle Bar in Battersea.  Fab, British, seasonal and delish!

Peter D

I've eaten pizza all round the world and nothing beats Pappagone of stroud Green Road. Also never mind Time Out thinking east London only consists of Shoreditch I'm beginning to think that they think Shoreditch and brick lane is all of London.

Matt T

Voodoo Ray's does amazing 22inch slices ...they are massive! It's not Italian but if you want a genuine NYC style slice it's the best in London hands down. For straight up Neopolitan style then Franco Manca in Brixton get my vote.