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Ginger Pig Meat Book

Tim Wilson and Fran Warde, Mitchell Beazley, £25

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Ginger Pig is the butcher of choice for the capital’s informed meat-eaters. The market stall at Borough Market, shops in Marylebone and Hackney plus a small concession in Waterloo ensure Londoners are never very far from a cut of prime Ginger Pig flesh.

Yet the company’s roots are deep in the Yorkshire countryside, where farmer Tim Wilson proudly rears rare-breed British cattle, sheep, poultry and of course pigs – including the red-coated Tamworths, after which the company is named.

This book gives city-dwellers a glimpse of the rural life that precedes the farmers’ market stall. Part meat manual and part recipe book, it has chapters on pork, beef, lamb, poultry and game, the first three with detailed charts of British cuts of meat.

Wilson is known for his firm stance on animal welfare, so there’s a fair amount of discussion on animal husbandry and clear information on what distinguishes quality meat from standard supermarket fare.

The remainder of the book is divided up by month, detailing the ebb and flow of a farmer’s life. If the image that emerges seems somewhat rose-tinted, much of this is down to the lush photography that depicts man and beast in idyllic settings.

The down-to-earth recipes by food writer Fran Warde are also beautifully photographed, and meat-lovers are bound to appreciate solid British fare as clod of beef with herb dumplings, Lancashire hotpot or Scotch eggs – although there are recipes for more contemporary dishes too. An inspiring book for the discerning meat-lover.

Susan Low, Time Out London Issue 2127: May 26-June 1 2011

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