Talks at the Royal Institution

  • What is it? 

    37 percent off a series of informal and quirky evening talks at the Royal Institution. 

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    Interested in scientific ideas, but still scarred by those dull school lessons? Take a look below at this spring programme of talks at the Royal Institution in Mayfair. The Ri regularly hosts science-based talks across a range of subjects that are accessible, funny and eye-catching. Our offer brings ticket prices downs from £16 to £10. 

    What's on the programme?

    Swearing is good for you
    Thursday February 8 7pm

    For something that is so good for us, swearing gets a bad rap. Science writer Emma Byrne will explore the close connection between bad language and our emotions. She will shed light on the latest in the neuroscience and origins of swearing. The event will be hosted by Katie Silver of the BBC.

    Valentine’s Day Vaginas
    Wednesday February 14 at 7pm

    This V-day is all about vaginas. Join founder of the Vagina Museum Florence Schechter and an expert panel as they finally give some love to what has often been ignored by academia and discuss the science, history and culture of vaginas. Please note this event will contain words and content that some may consider offensive.

    Big mind: How collective intelligence can change our world
    Tuesday February 20 at 7pm

    Gathering insights from diverse fields, including philosophy, computer science, and biology, Geoff Mulgan will reveal how collective intelligence can guide corporations, governments, universities, and societies to make the most of human brains and digital technologies

    The origin of life
    Friday March 2 at 7pm

    Dr Frankenstein aimed to create new life from inanimate parts. But how did life first arise on Earth? Join Nick Lane in conversation with Phil Ball as they discuss the latest ideas, from warm ponds to space rocks and hydrothermal vents.