F45 Classes

  • What is it?

    Three or five classes at one of London’s finest boutique gyms for up to 71% less.

    Why buy?

    Ever feel like you’re in a long-term relationship with the treadmill? Take a break from those tedious gym workouts and up the ante with a block of three or five F45 classes at their tip-top Tottenham Court Road branch. For those not in the know, each class is comprised of 45 minutes of high-intensity, interval training-esque workouts that are guaranteed to leave you feeling pumped and stunningly sore. Championed by the likes of Hugh Jackman and Nicole Richie, F45 classes are becoming one of the fastest growing fitness crazes in the world. So, if you – like us – want to be in with the cool kids, you better get booking pronto. And don’t forget to let the treadmill know it’s over.
  • Need to know

    • This voucher is valid for three or five classes at F45 Tottenham Court Road. 
    • Customers will have two months to redeem this offer, however once registered they must use all five sessions within two weeks - this is to ensure that customers experience the team training, community vibe that is central to F45’s philosophy. 
    • Valid for new F45 customers only - clients must inform the front desk staff on the date of their first visit when they are checked in that they are Time Out customers. 
    • If a client does not attend a booked session, or late cancels out of a booked session it will still use one of the class credits. 
    • To redeem and start booking, please email: tcr.admin@f45training.co.uk with the following info - Full Name, DOB, Email, Phone Number as well as a photo/screenshot of your voucher (including voucher code and security code etc).
    • On the date of the customer’s first visit, they must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of their booked class. 
    • Clients will need to bring and present the valid Debit or Credit Card that was used to purchase this offer. 
    • F45 Tottenham Court Road has a 60-minute cancellation policy - i.e. if a client wishes to cancel out of a booked session they can do so up until 60 minutes before the start of their booked class, otherwise the cancellation will be classified as a ‘late cancellation’.
      For each ‘Late Cancellation’ or ‘No Show’ to a booked session, there will be a £5 penalty charge, and the class credit will be deducted.
    • Clients will need to book themselves into sessions using the F45 Training app (available in both Google Play + App Store) - to be downloaded via the following link: mndbdy.ly/e/916653.
    • This voucher cannot be cancelled, exchanged, refunded or used in conjunction with any other offer.