Maple Salon

  • What is it?

    Up to 53 percent off a full set of false eyelashes and an optional eyebrow tint at Maple Salon.

    Why buy?

    Now that we’re officially in the most merry month of the year, you can expect the invitations to Christmas parties and festive drinks to come snowballing in. This also means that you’ll need to look your best for at least 30 days straight, so what better way than with a few facial upgrades? Movie star style lashes, for instance, and eyebrows worthy of a model’s frown. And to ensure you keep a few extra pennies in your pocket for all those bevvies you’ll be buying, we’re offering more than 50 percent off full sets of eyelashes and eyebrow tints at Maple Salon.

    Located in the very easy-to-reach West End, Maple Salon provides a little peaceful retreat from the bustling streets. Amidst the clean and crisp décor you can relax as their technicians get to work on making you look fab. Get a full set of eyelashes there, which usually costs £80, for £38. Or get the lashes and an eyebrow tint for just £42! That’s less than half the price of the usual £92. At those prices you have to treat yourself (or someone you love dearly) to an early Christmas present.
  • Need to know

    • This voucher is valid for a set of false eyelashes and an optional brow tint at Maple Salon.
    • Vouchers can only be purchased and redeemed by first-time customers. 
    • Appointments are to be made online at please include your voucher code and security code when booking. 
    • Any appointment must have a valid security code that will be presented when booking - vouchers will only be redeemed on the day of the appointment.
    • A notice of at least 24hours must be given for any rescheduling or cancellations of appointments booked to avoid forfeiting the voucher. 
    • Each voucher may only be rescheduled once and if the client fails to make the scheduled appointments the voucher will automatically be redeemed without notice.
    • Voucher valid until April 8 2018.
    • This voucher cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or used in conjunction with any other offer.