Excel online courses

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    • If you're more afraid of pie charts than ghosts, we have a sure-fire way for you to get over your fears and get to grips with the scariest of all Microsoft Office programmes with these Excel online courses.
    • If you're new to numbers in the workplace and have completely avoided that little green icon in your taskbar, then you can learn everyone you need to get started with an Excel Essential course which will guide you through starting your first worksheet to formatting your work.
    • Already dipped your toe into the basics? Then how do pivot tables sound? How about statistical analysis? What about protecting your spreadsheets? Have we piqued your interest? Then the Excel Master course is for you!
    • Learn a wealth of knowledge that'll help you not only literally excel in the workplace, but also stop you from asking questions like 'how do I add a line?' - plus you'll save up to 94%, too.

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    We've got your number - but it's hidden in a complex spreadsheet that's password protected in an email we sent you this morning, so it might take a while for you to find it. Not really. But, there may be a similar work scenario that pops up sooner than you're expecting meaning you'll be at a loss because you have no idea how to use Excel. Let us help you avoid that embarrassing situation with one of two online courses that'll teach you everything you need to know about that terrifying computer programme you daren't venture into unsupervised.

    Excel is an incredibly useful, deceptively powerful tool. Not only is it a great way to track your own personal spending, budget a wedding or format your to-do list in an easy-to-read layout, it's a rather essential part of office life, particularly if your want to get ahead in the business world - whatever the industry.

    If you're a complete newbie in the world of spreadsheets, graphs and pivot tables, maybe start with the basics. Learn everything from opening and closing Excel to printing your work in a reasonable manner (you've seen that pile of oversized printouts in the recycling that no one will take ownership of) to applying Excel functions to your data. For just £9, you can avoid asking George from IT how to work out averages, how to get that fancy black box around your table and more with the Excel Essentials course.

    If general Excel is child's play to you, then go that extra step further with an Excel Master bundle course for just £19. Giving you the skills that will trivially change the way you work on a daily basis and make you really seem like you know your stuff (because you will, you'll have the numbers to prove it), this course bundle will go through everything from charting to evaluating data to statistical analysis.

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