Special Effects Make-up Courses

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    90 percent off two e-Careers online SFX make-up courses.

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    Halloween’s just around the corner – and if you want to up your costume game this year, here’s a prime opportunity. These two e-Careers courses take through everything you need to know about applying special-effects make-up, from how to create realistic-looking scars and bullet-holes, through to applying foam for the best zombie make-up, and even (gulp) how to make a throat look like it’s just been slit. Level 1 will probably be best for most people; Level 2 is aimed at those with some previous experience with make-up and prosthetics. Yes, we know it all sounds a bit gruesome – but here’s one thing that won’t be putting you off your lunch: the prices. Both courses are just £19 each. Perfect for sending your friends running in terror.
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