Time Out Card - FAQs

Questions about the card | Questions about gifting the card | Questions about renewal

Questions about the card?

What will the Time Out Card give me?

  • Weekly invitations to exclusive events, including preview film screenings, gigs, curated tours, private dining and much more. For the full list of what’s coming up, click here.
  • Deals on cocktails, champagne and wine in some of the city’s best bars.
  • Free and discount theatre.
  • Savings at attractions, museums, cultural venues and galleries.
  • An additional 10% off all Time Out Offers at uk-offers.timeout.com.
  • Discounts on dining at over 450 restaurants across London.
  • Free digital subscription to Time Out.

How does the Time Out Card work?

  • Your physical Card will arrive within 14 days of purchase, but you can start using your digital version straight away. An email will be sent to you when you purchase, outlining how to activate your digital Card. This email will also be accepted at participating venues for up to 1 month after purchase.
  • To redeem offers at participating venues, simply check the booking requirements before you visit, then show either your email (valid for 1 month after purchase), your physical Card or your digital Card upon arrival.
  • You will receive a weekly email newsletter highlighting the latest events and competitions. The email will tell you how you can get access to these exclusive offers.
  • To claim an extra 10% discount on all Time Out Offers enter ‘Time Out Card’ in the promotional box at check out. Please ensure you use the same email your Time Out Card is registered to.
  • You’ll receive an email outlining the steps you need to follow in order to activate your free digital subscription.

How long is the Time Out Card valid for?

The Time Out Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

How many people can benefit from an offer per card?

Normally a maximum of six persons per offer per card unless otherwise stated. Please check the terms and conditions of the offer you are interested in for confirmation of these details.

How often can I use my Time Out Card?

You can use your the Time Out Card as many times as you like to discover the best of London for less, just ensure you have it or the app with you and present it when making your purchase. Please note that an offer maybe subject to availability as specified by the Partner. Details can be found here

Questions about gifting the card?

Who can I send the gift to?

  • You can choose to either send the gift voucher to yourself via email to pass on to the gift recipient, or send it directly to the recipient’s email address. You’ll be asked during the checkout process which of these options you’d prefer.

How does the coupon work?

  • The gift voucher email contains a unique code and step-by-step instructions, which detail how this code can be used to redeem the gift.

Its been over 24 hours and I still haven't received my coupon?

Why is it asking for my billing address when trying redeem my coupon?

  • Don’t worry, you won’t be asked for any payment details. This step is just to make sure the correct details are added to your Time Out user account.

Questions about Renewal

How do I renew my Time Out Card?

One month before your membership is due to expire, we will send a reminder email to your registered Time Out Card email address inviting you to renew. 

You can also check the expiry date of your Time Out Card by logging into your Time Out user account on the shop and selecting the ‘Time Out Card’ tab. A link to renewal will be included here if your membership is due to expire.

When can I renew my Time Out Card?

You can renew your Time Out Card up to 1 month before your membership expires and anytime thereafter. If your Time Out Card has already expired your new membership will start from the date you renew.

If my current membership is still valid can I renew now?

Yes, your new membership will start once your current membership has expired.

What benefits are there if I renew?

You will receive all the same benefits as before and we are delighted to offer the Card to you at a guaranteed rate of £24.50 – half price.

How much does it cost to renew my Time Out Card?

We offer all pre-existing members the opportunity to renew at any time at a discounted rate of £24.50.

Can I renew if my membership expired a while ago?

Yes, you can renew your Time Out Card at any point after your original membership expires.

I need more information

Please email tocardsupport@timeout.com if you have further questions