Brick Lane Thrift Store

A new kid on the East End vintage clothes shop block opens just off Brick Lane

  • The credit crunch is hurting our wallets, but why should our fashion sense suffer? The answer, from the chaps who brought us the East End Thrift Store, is the new Brick Lane Thrift Store where almost everything is a magical £10 or less. The split-level shop on Sclater Street is a refined collection of best-sellers and popular lines from the East End warehouse. So what’s hot right now?

    ‘One word: tartan,’ reveals manager John Howlin. ‘I could stock tartan underpants and they’d fly out the shop.’ An easier (and markedly less itchy) way of buying into the trend is the large selection of skirts, £10. Brokeback chic’s still going strong with checked western shirts for wannabe cowgirls and cowboys priced, you guessed it, £10, and men looking for the perfect trans-seasonal jacket should have a look at the rails of Harringtons. We’ll tighten our belts (£5) when we’re good and ready.
    The Brick Lane Thrift Store, 68 Sclater St, E1 6HR (020 7739 0242). Aldgate East tube. Daily 12noon-7pm.

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