Little Black Books: London fashion designers

London Fashion Week's hottest designers reveal their favourite London locations

Twice a year, London Fashion Week draws around 5,000 industry insiders to the capital for a week of style exhibitionism. We asked the leading lights of the London Fashion Week schedule what they do when they're in town, from industry heavyweights like Matthew Williamson and Richard Nicoll, to talented newbies like Tim Soar and Camilla & Marc.

Malene Odderschede Bach

Malene Odderschede Bach Malene Odderschede Bach

Singled out as a Vauxhall Fashion Scout ‘one to watch’ in 2011, Bach is showing at London Fashion Week for her second season.

Shop: James Smith & Sons on New Oxford Street for its great untouched traditional interiors and hidden walkways underneath the streets.

Café: There are lots of great cafés around east London. Hurwundeki by Cambridge Heath Station is great and just around the corner from where we produce our collection. Also, Wilton's Way Café is a hidden gem and they do great doorstep sandwiches!

Bar: If I had to choose a favourite bar in London it would most likely have to be somewhere east. I find its the company you keep which makes the evening.

Favourite place to stay when in town: At home. But would love to stay one night at The Dorchester with everything included.

What are you looking forward to seeing in 2012? I'm really looking forward to see the Bauhaus exhibition at the Barbican Centre.

Secret London spot: Ruby's Stables junk shop off Forest Road. If you rummage around enough you will always find something intriguing. They sell plants too and always brew their coffee on an open fire.  

Hairdresser: I've got an amazing Japanese friend, who happens to be a hairdresser at Windle & Moodie. He always wears Comme des Garçons and is well known for his trademark bird's nest hair style. He works backstage during London and Paris Fashion Week, so we've always got plenty to talk about. 

Market: Walthamstow Market for fruit and veg and charity shopping. Columbia Road Market for end-of-the-day bargains.

Treat: Wining and dining at Le QuecumBar in Battersea all while listening and dancing to live gypsy jazz.

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