London Fashion Week: meet the bloggers

We chat to the London’s top style bloggers about Fashion Week

Ahead of Fashion Week we caught up with some of the biggest names in blogging to get their take on London style, fashion tweeters and how to kick-start a successful blog.


You would have to have been hiding under your DVF bedspread for the last few months to have missed ‘It’ blogger Bip Ling’s meteoric rise. What started out a style blog ( is now Bip’s bread and butter – she attends Chanel couture shows, is the face of Forever 21 and has presented videos for But don’t expect wordy reviews from Bip: instead she’ll entertain you with wardrobe snaps, OMGs, cartoons, exclamation marks and oodles of fun.

What or who inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog because I liked the idea of keeping an online journal. I love the thought that in maybe ten years time I can scroll down and remember what I was up to back in the day.

What would your advice be for anyone who wanted to start a blog?

There are no rules, so blog what you like! There’s no stopping you…

Who are your favourite London-based designers?

Louise Gray, Simone Rocha and Mulberry.

Whose tweets will you be following closely during Fashion Week?

@thelovemagazine, @vogue_london and @Motilo.

Will you be DJing at any Fashion Week events? If so what’s on your Fashion Week playlist?

Yup, I believe so! “Fashion” by David Bowie, Kraftwerk’s “The Model” and “More More More” by Carmel.

Where are your favourite places to relax and find inspiration in London?

The Barbican, the Maureen Paley Gallery and Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon.

Interviews by Julia Fernandez