London Fashion Week: meet the bloggers

We chat to the London’s top style bloggers about Fashion Week

Ahead of Fashion Week we caught up with some of the biggest names in blogging to get their take on London style, fashion tweeters and how to kick-start a successful blog.

Billed as ‘a public service announcement from your heartless and soulless uncle’, Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide to Life tells it like we can only hope the real Karl would given half the chance. Whether you worship at the altar of Chanel or you simply enjoy a bit of harmless fashion fun poking, we challenge you to ignore Fake Karl’s musings.

What is your opinion of British style and how does it compare to the Parisian aesthetic?

British style involves more crumpets and tartan patterns and sweets, which have found themselves into the bottom of a handbag, whereas the only Parisians who I see carrying around handbags are the poor and homeless.

Which British designers do you have the most admiration for? Are there any that you would like to work with?

I admire Cecil Beaton, but he's dead and there's nothing anybody can do about that. I admire Westwood and this young, hip "punk" aesthetic she has.

Where do you stay, eat, relax and play when you’re in London?

I do not eat, play is for the childrens, and nor do I sleep or relax.

Relaxing is a sign of laziness.

We love the new Chanel Boy Bag collection, what should every woman carry in her handbag?

A gun and a beret.

Which famous Brits would you love and hate to see wearing Chanel?

Fame is only a passing and I believe it will die out soon. It is tacky, no?

You juggle many different collections each season – how do you maintain your hectic lifestyle?

You'd be surprised how much more time has in one's day when one does not eat, hmm?

Interviews by Julia Fernandez