London Fashion Week: meet the bloggers

We chat to the London’s top style bloggers about Fashion Week

Ahead of Fashion Week we caught up with some of the biggest names in blogging to get their take on London style, fashion tweeters and how to kick-start a successful blog.


Produced by a collective of London-based fashion writers, including Editor Natalie Wall (pictured), Le Blow offers a refreshing approach to style blogging. Once you’ve established that the tone is firmly tongue in cheek, you can sit back and enjoy posts about mismatched celebrity couples, Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood wedding and how the latest Take That video possibly resembles a TOWIE fitness DVD.

What or who made you decide to start Le Blow?

It was a combination of two things, really. For one, I was getting sick of the preachy, gushy, slightly bossy editorial tone being used in glossy magazines. So much content is dictated by advertisers or blindly following catwalk trends. I wanted someone to just have the balls to say: actually, wait a minute - these shoes actually look like they're clunky corrective ones or confirm that the Fetish trend for A/W'11 will make us all look like gimps. I'd read so-called lads mags and really enjoy the witty banter and direct tone, as well as the swears. I felt there was a gap in the market for a British offering written by women and covering topics that we actually give a sh*t about. I was also following all of the Le Blow girls individually on Twitter - they regularly made me laugh out loud and all wrote in a similar tone of voice, even though everyone is very different personality wise. I wanted to somehow harness that on one platform, where people could either view the site collectively or just features by their 'favourite' girl.

You’ve all got very busy day jobs, how do you find time to fit in blogging?

Admittedly, it IS difficult. Particularly as most of us sit in front of a computer screen writing reams of words in our day jobs, the last thing you want to do is get your blog at night. And especially if there's a bottle of Rioja or a great gig calling. But Le Blow is an excellent outlet for the things you couldn't possibly talk about in your day job so it's quite therapeutic in that sense. Having said that, we only post when we've got something to say or a topic we feel passionate about. We'd never churn out beige content just to fill a space. So you can guarantee that every Le Blow feature is heartfelt.

Which other bloggers/tweeters do you follow for inspiration?

We follow a lot of American sites, as they seem to have got that snarky, upfront tone down to a tee: The Man Repeller, Go Fug Yourself and Hello Giggles. Representing the Brits on Twitter, Melanie Rickey and Poppy Dinsey are always good value at London Fashion Week. And ASOS Nat of course!

What do you look forward to most about London Fashion Week and how will you be covering it on the site?

Having covered approx 3,173, 456 fashion weeks in my time, I'm starting to take my foot off the pedal a bit and enjoy the commentary as it unfolds. It was different a few years back when only those invited to the shows would see the catwalk trends emerging. Now, everyone and (quite literally) their (Mulberry clad) dog Tweets the minute anyone so much as air kisses it's much easier to view from afar. From a Le Blow perspective, we cover the two opposite ends of the spectrum: Best in Show features our favourite collection(s) from each city and Would They Wear it in Wigan talks about the quite frankly bonkers trends emerging, discussing whether you'd be able to do your weekly shop whilst wearing goggles and tinfoil trousers.

Where in London would you live if money (and practicalities) were no object?

We have regular Le Blow get togethers at each others houses, and we live all over London - from Hampstead to Old Street. One of the girls has a beautiful Art Deco flat near the Barbican - the outlook over St Paul's Cathedral and London town itself are amaze. I’d like one of those, please.

Who do you think best represents London style?

Oooh, this is a tough one. The most authentic representation are stylish everyday girls you see on the street. But model Cara Delevingne has great off-duty style – a sort of ‘60s look with a modern twist. And there will always be a place in my heart for Alex Chung. What?!

Interviews by Julia Fernandez