London Fashion Week: meet the bloggers

We chat to the London’s top style bloggers about Fashion Week

Ahead of Fashion Week we caught up with some of the biggest names in blogging to get their take on London style, fashion tweeters and how to kick-start a successful blog.

© Bethan Holt

Recently appointed Fashion Junior at Large to Melanie Rickey (Grazia magazine’s Fashion Editor at Large), Bethan ensures this hugely popular blog is updated daily. Follow for the inside scoop on fashion week from the big events to Melanie’s verdict on the collections.

You’ve recently joined Fashion Editor at Large – what does a day in your new role involve?

The great thing about working for Melanie is that she always has lots of different projects on, so I might write a blog post on the latest Autumn/ Winter trends, assist putting together a piece for POP or Grazia, and we’re already working on our comprehensive trend report for Spring/ Summer. On top of that, there might be a meeting with a designer and I’ve always got my ear to the ground for the latest fashion news for the Fashion News Digest I compile every week.

What would your advice be for anyone who wanted to start their own blog?

The blogs I most enjoy are those which have their own perspective and give you a reason to keep going back. So really think through what it is you want to do, be original and don’t do it half-heartedly. I’m a big fan of What Katie Wore because I know not a day will go by where I cannot get my fix of Katie’s crazy outfits and Joe’s witty commentary.

Which other blogs do you follow for fashion inspiration?

I always look forward to Natalie Hartley’s looks every week on I keep up my French reading Garance Doré’s blog. She has a great eye and you can almost hear her talk as you read. My absolute favourite is The Clothes Whisperer for her mix of fashion news, travels and commentary on her own style.

Who are your favourite London-based designers?

Jonathan Saunders and Erdem both make beautiful clothes which are also wearable, not something to be complacent about. I have had a bit of a fixation with Saunders’ AW11 collection; rarely a few days go by without me having another look. In an entirely different way, I can’t wait to see Meadham Kirchhoff’s next offering, for both the spectacle and the clothes.

What three tracks will be on your fashion week playlist?

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot of Florence and the Machine’s ‘What the Water gave me’ but I don’t mind, it’s gorgeous. For escapism, Antony and the Johnsons ‘Blue Angel’. And to keep me in a Spring/Summer frame of mind frame of mind, 'We No Speak Americano' by Yolanda Be Cool and D Cup.

Where are your favourite places to hang out in London?

Cocktails at Callooh Callay, brunch at The Breakfast Club and because I’m a bit of an exercise obsessive, Hampstead Heath for a run or a swim in the swimming ponds (only in Summer, obviously). My friend also insists that I will love SS Atlantica ( a party on a boat which recreates the ‘splendour of the 1930s Ocean Liner’, I’m already rewatching Brideshead Revisited episodes for outfit inspiration.

Interviews by Julia Fernandez