London's best jumble sales

Jumble has had a makeover and fashionable kids touting their wares and all manner of vintage desiderata have replaced the piles of mouldy junk. Here's Time Out's guide to the best jumble sales in London

  • London's best jumble sales

    Wills Moody Rock 'n' Roll Jumble Sale © Jean Goldsmith

    • Jumble and Pearls

      Free, The New Rose, 84-86 Essex Rd, N1 8LU

      A regular on the upmarket jumble-sale scene, the monthly Jumble and Pearls is so successful it's outgrown its previous home and moved to The New Rose, where there'll be the usual mix of vintage goodies and plenty of designer treasure among the rails.

  • Queen's Crown vintage jumble

    First and third Sun of every month. Free, The Victoria, 110 Grove Rd, E3 5TH ( Mile End Tube

    It's only natural to want to spend Sundays in a pub, but here's another excuse there's not only jumble for sale, but cream teas, crafts and cheap haircuts too!